John Day

‘John Day’ is a Hindi thriller movie released on 13th September. The movie is directed by  Ahishor Solomon and co-produced by K Asif, Anjum Rizvi and Aatef A Khan. The lead characters of the movie are Naseerudin Shah, Randdep Hooda, Vipin Sharma and Shernaz Patel.

The movie revolves around Naseerudin Shah who is a banker. His life is in a mess as a series of unfavorable events cripples him initially. His teenage daughter dies 2 years back in an accident. His wife is in coma in hospital after an attack at his home. And then even his bank is robbed. All the three cases seem connected. Then Naseerudin Shah embarks on a mission to find out the reason behind the ill situation of his family. He finds out that a corrupt system is underneath and that he has got a bigger task to dig it out. In the process he gets embroiled with the corrupt police man, Randeep Hooda. He is more like a gangster, getting into serious and eye shutting actions like pulling out somebody’s tongue to crushing somebody’s head. What follows is a series of gun war between the two in a cat and mouse race.

The script of the movie is unconvincing. It is poorly written. The characters are undoubtedly sincere but even they fall prey to a bad story. There are numerous loose ends in the movie which are left unattended. Story seems like ‘A Wednesday’ with the only difference that the lead actor in that movie fights for a social cause and unrest. Here the lead actor has a personal reason.

The movie begins with a lot of expectations but gradually loses track as the director fails to tie the loose ends. A number of characters and names are thrown in and it creates a lot of confusion as it does not justify the end and their positioning. Also both the lead characters are constantly haunted by their past.

The movie is portrayed as dark but in reality it is a bland thriller. The movie has borrowed its raw material from a Spanish movie ‘La Caja 507’, but too much of confused Bollywood spices has taken the taste away.

The movie has 3 sound tracks and all the three stand mediocre. The movie has failed to create a nerve wrecking thriller. It is just another movie with superb actors.
john day