JashnnThe speciality about Bhatt’s camp is that it excels in telling a simple story in a simpler manner but with every ingredients of entertainment. Rather than star based, their films are script based and so it never goes unnoticed and always appeals the audience. Like their earlier flicks, Jashnn too is a low-budget but rich in content movie with soulful music. As the film unveils, you will feel some resemblance with quite a few but as it progresses slowly you will get yourself engrossed in it and the comparison gets lost. 

It tells about a struggling band singer who wishes to earn name, fame and money. But when he approaches to achieve his dream, he comes across with some bitter reality that breaks him down and deviate him from his goal. But as there is a saying when one door closes then another opens, same is the case of the protagonist. Life seems to smile at him again, with hard work, strong determination and support of a beloved; he stands up again, chases his dream and finally gets it.

The protagonist here is who is playing Akash Verma. He is a band singer who wishes to become a successful singer and shine bright in the field of singing. But Akash’s path was not easy. In working towards his dream, he finds himself lost in the world of established singers. But what shattered Akash the most is the hard to believe truth about his sister Naina (). Akash breaks down when came to know that his sister whom he looks upon as an inspiration and his strength in life is actually a kept of Aman Bajaj (Humayun Saeed), a rich businessman. Naina earns money by keeping Aman happy to lend his brother a decent life.

When Akash was going through a tough phase in his personal and professional life, Sara (
) comes to his life as a ray of hope. Sara made him recognize his talent and gives him the courage to stand up and cherish his dream. Sara’s love and support again gave courage to Akash to work towards his dream. He soon gets out of his professional and personal irritation and moved ahead with the love of Sara. Luck too favors Akash and he became a star overnight. After achieving fame, Akash gets back the dignity of his sister as well. Will Akash be able to restrain his success, how he takes on Aman Bajaj, will Akash and Sara’s reach its final destination. Such unanswered question will be replied as the film reaches its end.  .

Director duo Hasnain S Hyderabadwala and Raksha Mistry have handled the subject well. Though all the songs are not ear-soothing, music of Jashnn cannot be ignored totally as it has some good rendition by Toshi-Sharib. Shagufta Rafique’s screenplay is power packed, high in emotion, specially the brother-sister relationship.

Speaking about performances,
did a good job, his growth as an actor can be noticed. is impressive as usual. played her part much better than the last time. Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed is good enough.

On the whole, Jashnn is a good offering from Vishesh Films. A well made film and worth watching. The film is gripping and won’t let your expectation down.