Jai Veeru

Jai Veeru is a complete Bollywood formula film, starting from song, dance, romance, betrayal, hatred, fight to emotions, all types of recipe has been cooked and served but unfortunately it turned out to be a bad taste. Over the years, the tastes of the audiences have been changed drastically and now they crave for novelty. Once upon a time, they enjoyed anything been served with little tarka but today the scenario is different and they hunt for novel concept. In this competitive world of quality film, stands poor with no thrill and grip.

On watching, we will have the feeling that the film has been made simply for the sake of making. It is not at all a well made flick. The film has connection of many things, firstly it is said to be inspired from Hollywood movie, Bulletproof (1996) starring Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler, on hearing the title of
, the first thing that crosses our mind is the well known film of yesteryears, Sholay and the story brings to mind the the age old chor-police drama . The title of the film arose many meaning but when it is opened up, it fails to lure us. 

The film talks about two friends, Jai (
), a covertly cop and Veeru (), a small crook who is equipped in stealing cars and selling them to buyers. One day, Jai and Veeu happened to cross one another’s path and they became bosom friends. Confusion and misunderstanding has been created between them by a ruthless gangster Tejpal (Arbaaz Khan), who targets to kill both. 

The killing intention of Tejpal has once again brought the two parted friends nearby. They united to battle against Tejpal and emerged victorious. Adding flavor to the film with a little naach-gaana is by two charming ladies,
’s lady Dia Mirza and Kunal’s Anjana Sukhani.

Speaking about the technical aspects, Puneet Sira's direction is okay, cinematography by K Rajkumar is fine. The action scenes by Allan Amin are superb. The screenplay is average. Music by Bappi Lahiri is melodious. Editing was poor.

Speaking about the performances,
is just ok, failed to create much impact, justified his role. Dia Mirza and Anjana Sukhani had got little scope to enact. Arbaaz Khan is not amazing. Govind Namdeo is average. Rajesh Khattar and Rakesh Bedi are okay.

On the whole,
is an average show. It will appeal only a certain sections of the society. Business at the multiplexes will be horrible. Box office results won’t be prominent.