A rich love story in terms of settings, costume, stars and story telling technique. However though the film is filled with all these, the script does not have anything novel or fresh. The film involves a love triangle, where two guys love the same woman, but it does manage to differ in the technique used to tell the story, also there are considerable twists and turns in the course of the film which do manage to take you by surprise. There are three superstars Salman Khan, Preity Zinta and Akshay Kumar whose presence only manages to heighten the appeal for the film. The film manages to entertain as there is an ample dose of drama intermingled with doses of humour which makes for a good combination. The stylized look and the unconventional mode that the film begins with also enhances the film.

Debutant director Shirish Kunder makes his first foray into films with Jaanemann; Kunder has also written the story, done the screenplay, dialogues and also edited his own film. The film stars Salman Khan as Suhaan Kapoor, Akshay Kumar as Agastya Rao, Preity Zinta as Piya Goyal, Anupam Kher as Vakil Chachu and Soni Razdan. The music of the film has been composed by Anu Malik. Jaanemann means ‘love of my life’ or ‘darling’.

The film begins in an unconventional manner with a divorce to ensue between the two college sweethearts, Rockstar Suhaan and pretty Piya. They loved each other but their priorities at that time of their lives were different and hence they were unable to keep their marriage together. Now with a divorce to take place soon, Suhaan has to cough up a huge alimony of 50 lakhs. Suhaan is not willing to part with that kind of money and consults his Vakil Chachu who in turn comes up with various ideas so that Suhaan does not have to pay any alimony. However their problem is solved when Champu the geek during college days returns and wants to be with the only woman who has captured his heart, Piya.

Champu/Agastya Rao has been in love with the feisty Piya since their college days, but not only did he look like a real loser then but he would also get tongue tied when it came to confessing his feelings for the girl of his dreams. Moreover Champu was heart broken when he realized that Piya had given her heart to some wannabe rockstar dude. Burnt badly in love then Champu shied away from the world into his own enigmatic land of space, rockets and scientists. Now Agastya who no longer looks like a geek and works with NASA has returned to try his hand once more in love with none other than Piya, only this time with the help of a man who knows his way with women, Suhaan. Rao is also unaware that Suhaan is the same guy who was the other man in Piya’s life. Suhaan of course agrees to help him to get out of the sticky messy alimony situation.

Suhaan guides Agastya step by step and helps him win the affections of Piya who now lives in New York. The boys set up base at a neighbouring apartment where they keep close tabs on Piya’s every move. After a great deal of wooing and persuasion Agastya manages to charm Piya, however a new twist arises when Suhaan gets to know of a secret that he was unaware of. Suhaan is now having second thoughts and wants another chance to make his marriage work, but Piya unaware of Suhaan’s intentions is all ready to move on. Will Piya start a new life with Agastya who has always secretly loved her or will she give Suhaan another chance?

Shirish has managed to merge drama, humour and style quite well in his film. The film is filled with an amazing array of colours and opulent sets which makes it seem like a fantasy film. The technique of story telling is unique and novel, the song and dance expression to communicate a part of the story is extremely creative. The intensity and emotions of the film are well balanced with the lighter side of the film. Shirish also manages to incorporate a few twists in the script which definitely works. The screenplay too has been drawn out in a fairly balanced, fun filled and extraordinary manner.

Unfortunately at times director Shirish has also taken too many creative cinematic liberties in several portions, the sets are so grand and opulent that it takes away a sense of realism from the film. Having lavish and beautiful sets is fine just as long as a sense of reality is maintained. Also Shirish being an editor has done an extremely poor job of editing his first directorial venture, agreed every director is in love with his work but being an editor Shirish should have trimmed the film quite a bit as it stretches way too much after a point. Some of the humorous scenes involving Piya’s family gyrating are a bit over the top.

The music of the film by Anu Malik is soulful and leaves you with an emotional feel. ‘Humko Maloom Hai’ and ‘Ajnabee Shaher’ are two touching numbers while ‘Jaane Ke Jaane Na’ is a fun filled number. Sudeep Chatterjee’s cinematography is wonderful and Sabu Cyril’s sets too are full of colour, energy and positive vibes. Even the actor’s style quotient by Surily Goel is note worthy and all of them look like rock stars.

Performances by the leads are emotional, funny, appealing and extremely pleasant. Rockstar Salman Khan definitely comes across as an actor who knows how to give his audiences what they want. His attitude, style and emoting are definitely note worthy. Whether he is delivering funny situations or even the emotional ones he has a certain dazzling panache. Akshay plays a different character, a nerd, a geek, and a guy who does not know how to romance a girl which is the complete opposite of the roles he has done before. And just like all his other roles, he manages to pull this one off too extremely well. He is subtle but yet makes a mark. Preity also manages to make her presence felt in spite of having two super star actors hogging the space with her. She looks pretty and angelic and her performance too is good. Anupam Kher as a dwarf in the film is sure to make his way into the hearts of young ones and he delivers an average performance too.

The film has several things going for it, a lavish fantasy like entertainer which is a great watch for the holiday season, it’s a family drama and Salman Khan is the biggest draw of the film. Shirish manages to deliver a good film in his first attempt, there has been a lot of publicity and hype which will be in favour of the film, and also it’s definitely a film that will appeal to all ages. Drama, emotions, humour and big stars makes Jaanemann an entertaining film worth a watch.

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