IshqiyaIf you are tired of western, classy, disco and cola charm and strive for something desi then try ‘’ for a difference because it will give you gaon ka charisma with slung language, sexual violence, desi gaali, nasty scenario. Talking about ‘’, it is like drawing a line parallel to ‘Omkara’ but it is simple and easy to grasp than ‘Omkara’. As the story opens, you will feel bit difficult to intake but 15 minutes into the film and you will soon enter the world of Khalujaan () and Babban ().

Set in Gorakhpur in North India, the film has a hatke feeling. Debutante director Abhishek Chabey has well executed the knowledge that he has gained from his master
. The Bihari dialect is raw but not raunchy and the characters are at their best. The film has a complete Bihari appeal but you won’t feel deviated. First it will give a jerk but soon you will be taken aback.

The story speaks about two thieves Khalujaan [
] and Babban []. Both run away from their boss Mushtaq and lands in Gorakpur. They seek shelter in their friend’s house but on reaching there, they find his friend missing and instead got to meet with his wife Krishna (). Both drag towards Krishna and she being a seductress responds to both Khalu and Babban’s call to establish an intimate relationship. Both the thieves in their individual style impress Krishna.

In the first half, the story runs smoothly without any tension and intensity but the second half becomes too volatile. The story takes an altogether different turn.

Abhishek Chabey has well handled the script. The way he has dealt with the subject, you won’t feel that he is a debutante director. He is too good than a well experienced director. He has extract the necessary ingredients from his actors and made the film a watchable one. Speaking about the music, Vishal Bhardwaj's musical score was commendable especially the song, 'Ibne Batuta' and 'Dil To Bachcha Hain Ji' rocks. Music lovers are tapping their feet with the tune. Screenplay writers Vishal Bhardwaj, Sabrina Dhawan and Abhishek Chaubey deserve kudos for holding one’s interest from first to the end. Vishal Bhardwaj’s dialogues spark. Mohana Krishna's cinematography is top-notch.

Speaking about the performances,
was fully into the character. His body language, dialogue delivery are up-to-the-mark. He has again delivered a commendable performance. has come a long way in acting and his performance in ‘’ was well appreciated. Last but not the least, has given her best till date. She has flawlessly portrayed the changing sheds in her character. The film will be a landmark in Vidya’s career.

 On the whole,
is a well made film. If watched, it won’t be a wastage of money. The stars and the makers deserve well round of applause.