Ishkq in Paris

After a long gap of 4 years, the dimpled beauty Preity Zinta decided to return to the big screen with the romantic movie ‘Ishq in Paris’. Along with Prety Zinta, the wannabe Bollywood actor Rhehan Malliek and the French actress, beautiful Isabelle Adjani also stars in the movie. Preity is the producer of the film as well as the story writer of the film. She is banking heavily on the film to get her shot at getting back in the limelight of the stardom. Her intense attachment with different departments of the movie is proof enough.

The movie released on 24th of May this year across the cine halls in India. However, the bad reviews and adverse remarks from the movie goers sealed the fate of the movie. The movie was declared a disaster at the box office within 3 days of its release. The duration of the movie is only 96 minutes, pretty short for a Hindi film. Yet it still it managed to make the audience bored.

Preity plays the role of a girl in the movie, name Ishq. She is born of a French mother and Indian father. The man abandoned Ishq and her mother when she was only 7 years old. This turned Ishq into a commitment phobic. Then one fine day she meets a charming man named Akash, in Paris. Akash too is a child of a broken marriage and hates the idea of commitment. The two like minded people decided to spend a night together, roaming around Paris and then they part their ways. After a long time they meet once again and through lots of confusion, sobs and self discoveries becomes united in true filmy style.

Director Prem Raj didn’t make a mark with this mediocre attempt. The music director duo of Sajid, Wajid did a decent job with the music of the film.

It seems that the bubbly beauty Preity Zinta now really needs to think about her next move. She didn’t look too much out of place as she played the role of a girl who is in her late twenties instead of a college student. But the fact that she had to produce her own movie for a comeback instead of bagging a prestigious project speaks about the confidence of the tinsel town in her.
ishq in paris