I proud to be Indian - Music Review

An immigrant from India and Pakistan fighting against the hatred of racism and discrimination is the theme of the film 'I proud to be Indian'. Sohail Khan who directed films like 'Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya' and 'Hello Brother' made his acting debut in 'Maine Dil Tujhko Diya' plays a protagonist "I" in the film. This is first time that he is acting in film, which is directed by somebody else. Punit Sira directs it. The film is made under the banner of "Sohail Khan Productions" and is produced by Sohail Khan. The cast of the film includes Sohail Khan, Heena Tasleem, Imran Ali Khan (Pakistani artiste), Tim Lawrence and Kulbushan Kharbanda. The film has nine soundtracks. In this album, there are sentimental tracks blended with some pop-bhangra numbers. Daboo Malik, K.C.Loy, Inc composes music.

"Ajnabee Tum Lagte Nahin" is a soft romantic song sung with passion by Babul Supriyo and Sunidhi Chauhan. Daboo Malik's music is impressive, as his quality has improved. The slow pace of song adds the touch of passion, as Babul Supriyo sounds brilliant. After 'Chameli', Sunidhi Chauhan has matured into a top league of playback singers as this song proves it. Daboo Malik co-writes the song with Jay Verma.

"Khata Nahin" is a Sufi sentimental song beautifully sung by upcoming singer Krishna. His other prominent number "Ishq Khudai" from 'Rudraksh' has already been placed in the top slot. He impresses to an extent that he sounds like professional Pakistani singer. Sufiyana manner of singing is well rendered as Jay Verma writes the lyrics of this sentimental soundtrack.

"Aaye Hum Aaye" is a trendy fast paced song that is full of rage by Kunal Ganjawalla. The vocals of Kunal are loud and they sound like any upbeat Rehman song. The lyrics and music of the song are by K.C.Loy that has the feeling of revolt and anger.

"Khyalan Wich (film version)" is typical Punjabi folk sentimental track sung in a pensive mood by Rithika. The soft sentimental beats of the song sets the mood of the song. O.Z. J.Keyz composes this traditional emotional composition and music is by K.C.Loy. Lyrics by Jay Verma and Late Harcharan Dhillon are full of Punjabi phrases and couplets. This song reappears in the album.

"Sagayee" is Punjabi engagement celebration song by new talent Meshi. This is a traditional Punjabi composition sung in a joyous manner. The lyrics of the song are conventionally festive as it sprinkles joy and passion. The bhangra beats are foot stomping which can make you dance on dance floor. Deeplali Deep writes the lyrics of this festive song.

"Andheron Ko Cheer Ke" is situational sentimental soundtrack sung impressively by Kunal Ganjawalla. Kunal vocal impresses in this song, which epitomizes the feel of determined mind. Jay Verma lyrics are thought provoking and depict the feeling of freedom.

"Kaali Raat" is another emotional soundtrack, which promises new horizons of hope. Srinivasan sings this sentimental soundtrack, which is sung in context of the situation. K.C.Loy lyrics and music are impressive and composed that sets the pace of the song.

"Ajnabee Tum Lagte Nahin (instrumental)" is the instrumental version that is romantic and passionate.

"Nach Kudi Punjabi" is hip-hop bhangra pop number by Arvinder Singh and Sukhdev Singh. The song sounds like a regular Punjabi pop album song that is meant for dancing and hip shaking. The song does not offer any novelty and lack creative contents of entertainment. Daboo Malik music is trendy and upbeat but fails to impressive. Kanwar Juneja lyrics are traditionally Punjabi and DJ Rampa mixes rhythm.

The film, which has unique title and different storyline, has music that is full of traditional and Punjabi Bhangra numbers that can cause surprises.