Humko Tumse Pyar Hai

Humko Tumse Pyar Hai is a love story that was started off by director Bunty Soorma, however due to his untimely demise the project was stalled for a long time and eventually was completed with the vision of director Vikram Bhatt. Often as with movies that get stalled for a long period of time, a certain flavor of the movie gets lost and the movie looks archaic and inconsistent. But HTPH manages to gel in with the times and is also quiet consistent in its making.

A typical traditional love story, the star cast consists of Ameesha Patel, (Durga) Arjun Rampal, (Rohit) and Bobby Deol (Raj). It also has Johnny Lever, Alok Nath, Mukesh Tiwari, Beena, Achint Kaur, Kanwaljeet Singh, Vivek Shauq and Anang Desai.

Durga, a blind girl lives with her mother in a village in Rajasthan. In spite of her handicap she makes beautiful clay pots, an art which she learnt from her late father. Durga meets Rohit; he is amazed by her beauty and her gift for making beautiful clay pots. They fall in love. The villain Rana (Parmeet Sethi) has his eye on Durga and attempts to rape her, but her mother intervenes. Rana learns of their love for each other and is jealous, he tries to eliminate Rohit. But the mother intervenes and dies in the process of saving Rohit.

Rohit wants to restore Durga’s eyesight; he takes her to a specialist Dr. R. K Prasad. The doctor operates on her eyes and the operation is a success. However, before her bandages are about to be opened, Rana and his men attack Rohit, and in the ensuing scuffle both Rohit and Rana die. Durga is distraught on learning of her beau’s death, she tries to commit suicide, but Dr. Prasad saves her and adopts her as his daughter. Dr. Prasad takes Durga to Switzerland for a change of environment; there she meets Raj a business tycoon who falls in love with her on their first meeting. Raj tries to get close to Durga, but she does not reciprocate his feelings and is annoyed with his behaviour.

A coincidence takes place; Rohit and Raj were best friends. He shows her a picture of Rohit and tells her he himself is suffering due to the loss of his best friend. She sympathizes with him. Raj wants to marry Durga and her foster father Dr. Prasad convinces her that Raj is the right life partner for her. She finally relents and agrees to marry Raj for the sake of her family. They are going to be engaged, but during this time Raj gets a phone call that his friend Rohit has managed to survive. He brings Rohit home and introduces him to Durga.

Rohit is stunned to see Durga, but she does not recognize him as she has never seen him before. What follows is the personal upheaval that the three characters go through, how friendship and love are tested. The climax is of course predictable where true love triumphs above all.

It’s the same old triangular love story, the storyline is basic and the plot is also nothing unique. But the story does have a nice old world feel to it. It does manage to keep you interested in the contents. The first half is the routine girl meets boy and they fall in love, but the second part where Bobby Deol makes an entry, makes the plot interesting. The film primarily deals with the emotions of the three actors. It is a simple love story that resembles the 90’s style of films. There are a few interesting scenes in the film which make a mark. Music is fairly easy on the ears and the cinematography depicting the Switzerland locales and huge settings are quiet good. Vikram Bhatt has managed to carry forth the vision of another director and his execution of the film is done quiet well.

But the story may not register at multiplexes due to the demand for unique concepts. It’s too regular and basic. The performances by the three actors are just about average. The three actors seem to be in a rut of repetitive roles. They need to explore with variety. The rest of the cast is decent enough. The film is a regular bollywood love story, however due to lack of publicity and promotion the film may just pass by at the box office.