After delivering hits like, ‘Hey Babyy, ‘Housefull’ and ‘Housefull2’, Sajid Khan tried his hand in remaking which is the current trend of Bollywood. ‘Himmatwala’ is a remake of 1983 blockbuster starring Jitendra and Sridevi.  Sajid did not change the narrative, he kept intact the original plot-line and made the film protagonists, Ajay Devgn and Tamannah to dress and portray like Jeetendra and Sridevi.

As always Sajid Khan was also very confident about ‘Himmatwala’ success but it is very unfortunate that audience as well as critics criticized his film more than applauding it. ‘Himmatwala’ has emotions but it won't touch your emotional chord, it has fun but it won't make you laugh, it has action but the actions will not entertain you.

The film opens with a disco number in Parveen Babi style by Sonakshi Sinha. Ravi (Ajay Devgn). He earns his living in Mumbai city by showing his muscle power at a club run by a passionate fan of Pop Legend Michael Jackson- Michael Jaikishen (Chunky Pandey). Ajay is a village boy but left his village and mother Savitri (Zareena Wahab) and sister Padma (Leela Jumani) for  a good life in Mumbai. One fine day, he returns to his village in search of his mother and sister. On arriving, he found his mother and sister in a distress condition. His mother tells him how their father was killed and how their life was made miserable by the Sher Singh (Mahesh Manjrekar), the merciless landlord.

Savitri wants Ravi to settle the scores with Sher Singh who is cruel and has made the life of the villagers pathetic. Sher Singh's assistant in crime is his brother-in-law Narayan Das (Paresh Rawal). With his mother’s blessings and nod, he all set to take revenge on Sher Singh.

The film plot might have worked 30 years ago but now people tagged those types of movies a disaster.

Speaking about performances, Ajay Devgn as we all know is a great performer but the biggest question is what tempted him to accept this film. Other than naach-gaana, Tamannah has nothing more to enact. . Paresh Rawal as Narayan Das is exceptional. His comic timings and dialogue delivery was brilliant. Filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar as a cruel zaamidaar has done a commendable job.

In the nutshell, ‘Himmatwala’ promises to be a entertaining movie but truly speaking it is not at all entertaining. One feels like running out of the theatre. It is not at all catchy and Sajid who sounds quite confident about is film has registered another flop in his name.