HeroesAfter two debacles, it’s obvious that one would put his heart and soul to make the third one a massive hit. Similar is the case of director . Samir after encountering failure (Kyun Ho Gaya Na, Nanhe Jaisalmer) has applied all techniques and included power house of star cast for making rich in star value. The film looks very bright in picturization and locations are eye-catching. The film did have all masala of a commercial entertainment but still failed to attract the audience on scripting ground.

is very strong on emotional front. Characters on the uniform of a soldier doesn't mean that it is totally based on a story of war and bloodshed or anti-Pakistan issue but yes patriotism is at the backdrop. The movie successfully speaks about the pain and tension that one goes through when his or her dear ones remain miles away from them safeguarding their nation and people. Simultaneously, it tells the agony of the family whose beta or husband faces death. Amidst everything, something is missing in . The characters are well placed and also they played their part finely but what lacks in the film is the blood and soul, the director told the story in a very ordinary way which is not acceptable in today’s world of flamboyance.   

The story encircles around two youths Saand (
) and Nawab (Vatsal Seth). They are both students of film studies and as per the curriculum, they are assigned to make movie. On the suggestion of their classmate Amrita Arora’s war journalist cousin (Monish Behl), they took up Indian soldiers a subject matter of their studies. They move from one part to another to deliver three letters to those families who has lost their loved ones. 

The first family they met is in Punjab, the second in Manali, and the third in Leh. On meeting those families and on experiencing their pain for losing their loved ones, they are moved and got to encounter the bitter truth of life. At that point, they realized that life is not a bed of roses, it also contains many hardships.

best suited in the role of a soldier. Really his Sardar getup is quite promising and he is completely up to his character. is as usual fine. Her Punjabi conversation is top-notch. showed his acting capability, he is first-class in his role. Sunny Deol is as usual superb. Mithun Chakraborty showed maturity in acting. Dwij Yadav is superlative. Prateeksha Lonkar is fine. Amrita Arora and Ria Sen are okay. Bobby Deol is excellent in cameo.

Speaking about the other aspects of the flick, Binod Pradhan and Gopal Shah's cinematography is up to the mark. It’s appealing. Sajid-Wajid's music is an advantage. Dialogues are magnificent at some sequences.

In a nutshell,
is mediocre to watch and do not have a mass appeal. The story idea is noble and pure, but people are already fed up with their own problem and they do not want to moist their eyes anymore by watching such a rona-dhona flick.  Preity and Salman factor may drag some audience to the theatre. As the festive season continues, it may refresh one’s mind. Box office collection will not be much favorable.