Hawaa Hawaai

It seems that director Amole Gupte has a natural ability to work with children and bring out their best performance. After ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ he once again brings us a film based around children but not necessarily for children only. At first glance, a film about a street child and his dream of becoming a good skater may seem too mundane. But often the simple stories become the most brilliant tales. Will the new film ‘Hawaa Hawaai’ be able to reach such heights?


Arjun Waghmare, the young son of a cotton farmer is forced to come to Mumbai after his father’s sudden death. He supports his family by toiling at a tea stall. One day he watches skating coach Lucky teach a group of children from well-to-do families. The shiny roller skates capture his fascination and thus a dream is born. But there are obstacles such as affording a good pair of roller skates is impossible for Arjun. His four close friends, Murugan, Gochi, Bhura and Abdul, come to share his passion as their own. After seeing Arjun’s determination and his talent, coach Lucky takes up the challenge of making something out of him. So will Arjun and his ‘Hawa Hawai’ (handmade red and gold skates) make it to the finish line?


The character of Arjun is played by Partho Gupte. Saqib Saleem plays the role of coach lucky. The four friends of Arjun are portrayed by Salman Chhote Khan, Ashfaque Khana , Maaman Memon and Thirupathi Kushnapelli.

The flaws

The pace of the film is somewhat languid and introduction of seemingly unnecessary sub-plots do not help things. The director have used too many designs in the film and tried to cover too many aspects. The climax is also very predictable.

The strengths

The director should be praised for taking up the story of kids like Arjun who are ignored by the majority of the society. Rather than showing gloom and squalor, the focus is on the cloud with silver lining that inhabit the life of even the most deprived individual.

The acting is the main strength of the film. The cast does really well, led by Partho who is absolutely brilliant. He is ably accompanied by his friends.  Saqib Saleem also delivers a noteworthy performance as the coach. There is no flashiness in the film but there is genuine warmth and clean entertainment.