Haunted 3D

Vikram Bhatt’s latest horror flick, ‘Haunted 3D’ intensifies the horror magnitude with 3D technology. Now the question is whether his new attempt has been able to raise goose bumps of the audience or it is just a passable one like his last horror outings, ‘1920’ and ‘Shaapit’. Vikram who put his leg in the world of ghost with superhit film, ‘Raaz’ continued to make films based on the same genre. ‘Haunted 3D’ is an engrossing film with palpitation sometimes goes up and sometimes down.

The story is about a haunted mansion which was sold but before the selling deal gets completed the broker died. The broker’s son Rehan (Mahaakshay Chakraborty) who is an MBA from Stanford comes to Dalhousie to complete the deal which his father has half done. No sooner, Rehan forwarded his step inside the mansion, unusual incidences started to take place. Foggy environment outside, creaky sound of the door, sudden falling down of things, sound of footsteps all ghostly things started to experience by Rehan.

Suddenly, he comes across a diary where the past story of the mansion was written. From the diary, it was known that the mansion was haunted by an evil spirit of a music teacher (Arif Zakaria) who fell in love with the beautiful student of the mansion Meera (Tia Bajpai). The music teacher wanted Meera to have the same feeling for him that he feels for the girl but Meera can’t love him. When the teacher tried to persuade her, Meera killed him. The soul of the teacher could not find peace in grievance, his evil spirit came frequently and raped the girl couple of times, Finally, Meera commits suicide.

Knowingly or unknowingly, Meera’s story touched Rehan’s heart and he fell in love with the girl. By this time, Rehan could understand that there is something bhoot-pret angle in the mansion.

Then starts the journey of Rehan to rescue Meera from the ghost and free the mansion from those evil spirits.

Vikram Bhatt no doubt could build up the fear factor successfully but what went against the plot is the bad timing of the song and the love angle that was created between Rehan and Meera.  

The plus point of the film is the top grade cinematography by Praveen Bhatt.

Speaking about the performances, Mahaakshay Chakraborty had done a great job. No doubt, he has a long way to go, his future is bright in Bollywood. Twinkle Bajpai as a debutante is fairly good. She could build up the fright factor.  Achint Kaur is incredible. Arif Zakaria was good to watch. Mohan Kapoor, Sanjay Sharma, Mohan Kapoor, Prachee was all fine.

On the whole, ‘Haunted 3D’ is good film to watch. If you are alove horror flick lover then don’t miss the film because it won’t disappoint you.

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