‘Hate Story 2’

The 2012 revenge drama film ‘Hate Story’ became a sleeper hit because of its bold, violent theme and good acting performances. Its sequel   ‘Hate Story 2’ had promised to be bigger, bolder and even more violent. The film marks the big screen debut of popular TV actors Surveen Chawla and Jay Bhanushali. Directed by Vishal Pandya and produced by Bhusan Kumar of T-Series, the film released on 18th July. So does the film have enough punch to make it bigger than the previous film?


Surveen Chawla plays the role of Sonika while Jay Bhanushali is her lover Akshay. Sushant Singh plays the antagonist Mandar Mhatre.


Sonika is the mistress of powerful and corrupt politican Mandar Mhatre. In her mind she longs for a normal life where there is real love. Her only relief from her otherwise mundane life is photography. In the photography class, she meets Akshay and soon they are in love. Although Sonika warns him about her tainted life, Akshay does not mind. The two of them elope and try to establish their own little world far from the grasp of the evil Mandar. Just when they are getting busy with romantic songs and passionate lovemaking, Mandar and his gang of goons find them. After sending Akshay to his death, they brutally assault Sonika and bury her alive in a coffin. However she is rescued by cops just in time. Scarred by her experiences, she decides to take revenge on Mandar and his cronies. Whether she succeeds or gets crushed by the powerful Mandar forms the rest of the film.


Sushant Singh delivers a powerful performance as the antagonist. He should be given opportunity in bigger films and better roles. Surveen Chawla while not spectacular, is decent in her role as the revenge seeking Sonika. Sunny Leone adds a bit of extra sizzle with her item song. The song ‘Aaaj phir tumse pyaar’ by Arijit Singh is also likeable.


Jay Bhanushali has very little role and struggles even then. The plot is predictable. The twists and turns are very illogical and fail to engage the audience. Even the brutal killing scenes are not gripping enough. How a once helpless girl suddenly transforms into a ruthless killer overnight is the question that will bug the audience the most.


The film claims to be an erotic-revenge thriller. But both the erotic and revenge part are not strong enough to impress the audience for long.
hate story 2