Hari Puttar

Hari Puttar which is engrossed into deep controversy due to its title sounding similar to Harry Potter has finally hit the theatre. On watching it, one would really feel that the charge that has been put on the title of the flick is totally baseless as the film and the title nowhere comes nearer to Hollywood most readable book and watched movie Harry Potter.  Though it is touted to be a children flick, ideally speaking, the film aims to every age group and instead of Harry Potter, it resemblances to Hollywood hit flick Home Alone. Everything is just haphazard; there is no thrill and soul in the flick.

The film revolves around a 10 year old kid - Hari Prasad Dhoonda (
), popularly known by the name . He is too naughty and beyond the controlling capacity of his parents, played by and Zakir Khan. Hari’s father Mr Dhoonda is a professor who has been appointed to work on a secret project with the Defense Forces. Professor Dhoonda possesses a chip which includes some confidential information. Somehow Hari come to know about the chip and made a mess in his house when two thieves came to steal the chip.

Dhoonda's family is visited by Hari's aunt (Lilette Dubey) and uncle DK (Jackie Shroff), along with their kid Tuk Tuk. Hari and Tuk Tuk took the entire house on their head and frustrated Hari’s mother locked them in a room. Ironically, the two families planned an outing and accidentally they forgot to take their children along with them. Only in the mid-way, they realized that they had left their kids at home. 

Hari and Tuk Tuk were not at all depressed rather enjoyed their freedom to the fullest as there was no one to stop them. Soon they realized some abnormality in their house. An infamous don, Kali Mirchi, send 2 clumsy robbers (Saurabh Shukla & Vijay Raaz) to steal the secret chip from Hari's house which Hari’s father had concealed in a secret place in the house. 

Then started the game of hide and seek. Sometimes Hari run after them and sometimes the thieves. Hari could realize the bad motive of the thieves and he applied all tactics of naughtiness to spilled water on their plan.

Speaking about the performances, the director has included experienced actors like Jackie Shroof,
, Lilette Dubey but no one has been able to shine in their respective roles. Jackie and ’s performances are horrible. They are experienced actors but fail to spell the magic, may be the script did not suit them. Lilette Dubey is just ok. Saurabh Shukla & Vijay Raaz in their hilarious attire fail to make people laugh. Their performances are not up to the mark.

On the whole,
is not worth-watching. The story directs nowhere and the script is not at all appealing. There will not be a long queue outside the ticket counter and its box-office collection will be very poor. One factor that may work in favor of the film is that as there are no any big releases this weekend, it may pull some crowd.