Halla Bol

Halla Bol attempts to revive a genre of films that has been lost with time. Halla Bol is an attempt at reviving the genre of films that has a social message. The script is fresh and energetic and the screenplay is engaging and leaves one with a profound message. Halla Bol is the second film apart from My Name is Anthony Gonsalves that releases this week which deals with a common man trying to make his way in to the film industry. Ironically 2007 super hit film Om Shanti Om was also about a star and the film industry. However in Halla Bol, the film industry forms the backdrop to bring to fore a corrupt and unethical system. Moreover the performances are truly earnest and captivating. But unfortunately the film's genre of social messages may not appeal to all the masses. But the film is definitely above average.

Halla Bol has been written, directed and the screenplay too has been done by Rajkumar Santoshi. The film stars Ajay Devgan as Ashfaque/Samir Khan, Pankaj Kapur as Sidhu, Vidya Balan as Sneha, and several special appearances by Sridevi and husband Boney Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Neeraj Vohra etc. The music has been composed by Sukhwinder and Vanraj.

Ashfaque is a small town boy who aspires to become an actor. He joins reformed dacoit Sidhu's street theatre through which several realistic social messages are imparted to the common people. As time passes by, Ashfaque gets noticed and finally gets a break in the film industry, from there on he moves up the ladder of success. Ashfaque takes on the screen name of Samir Khan and his acting fetches him accolades as well as fame, fortune etc. He becomes a super star, but along with success comes a change in his personality too. He imbibes the corrupt ways and unethical behaviour of a star too. He grows distant from his wife and people who have been close to him.

One day, Ashfaque attends a party where he along with several prominent personalities of society are witness to a heinous murder. A girl is shot at the party by two youth who have political clout. However no one including Ashfaque is willing to testify against the murderers. But as time passes, Ashfaque's conscious begins to revolt and he is not at peace with himself. He then decides to testify and take on one of the most corrupt legal systems.

The script is a refreshing breath of change as it merges entertainment as well as a social message. Rajkumar Santoshi is known for his films delivering social messages and once again he manages to engross viewers with Halla Bol. The characters in the film are sharp, inspiring and energetic. The screenplay too is feisty and invigorating. There are several punch scenes in the film which simply make a powerful impact, like Ajay urinating on the politician's carpet, Vidya Balan setting the media right, Pankaj Kapur delivering an inspiring speech. Santoshi proves with these sequences that he can execute his material with finesse. Santoshi manages to tackle several issues without moving away from the core issue. He brings to light several corrupt practises in the film industry as well as legal system. He manages to deliver several social messages too.

The length of the film seems a bit too long though and the editing could have been better. The film may also seem too idealistic at times but nonetheless it is worthwhile. The music of the film is fitting and the songs are kept situational and incorporated at the right time. 'Jab Tak Hai dum' is motivating and 'More Haji Piya' is spiritual and they make the right impact. Cinematography is fine and dialogues are first rate. Though the dialogues may come across as unrefined at times, they fit in well with the situation of the film.

Performances are first rate too with Ajay Devgan conveying a lot through his eyes and expressions. He delivers a noteworthy performance as the rising superstar and then an earnest performance as a star who wages a war to fight the system. Vidya Balan gives a commendable performance too. Pankaj Kapur is splendid and in complete form, he gets a perfect role which gives him the opportunity to display his amazing histrionics. Darshan Zariwala is very good, the cameos fit in well and the rest of the cast delivers an able performance.

Overall the film' script and screenplay is refreshing and different. Santoshi's execution is adept and performances are worthy. Hence the film is definitely worth watching. At the box-office, the film may be able to once again revive this genre of films with a social message. On the whole it is an above average film that is intelligent and engaging.

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