God Tussi Great Ho

God Tussi Great HoThe film has been poorly promoted, it has not promised anything to anyone and so no one is to be blamed. When you view the film, the first question that comes to your mind as why such a bogus film has been made. The speculated answer is that it is made only for the sake of making. Regardless of shining stars like , and no hype surrounds the movie. No effort has been made by the makers to uplift the goodness of the flick. It can be regarded a poor show.

Salman, Priyanka who always associated with hit has registered flop with . The script is also not original as it is picked up from Hollywood flick Bruce Almighty. The makers were in the positive side by casting promising stars but they failed to display their talent and all the three success markers could not score any goal. The film is just a waste. Rumi Jaffery proved to be a bad story teller with no thrill and depth. In this 21st century, people feel hard to digest a normal human being blessed with the power of God and do all sorts of miracle.

The story revolves around Arun () from whom success remains far away. He desired to become a successful anchor like his love Alia () but every time misfortune strikes him and he failed to achieve success. His shortcomings restrict him from proposing his love to Alia. Frustrated Arun curse God for his failure and bad luck. One day luck favors him and he happens to come in contact with God. The almighty came in the avatar of .

On looking at his plight and to teach him a lesson, God Amitabh has bestowed him all the powers. Arun is overwhelmed to receive all the powers of God. First he teaches lesson to smart guy named Rocky () who too is an anchor and eyes Alia. With repeated use of powers, he at last found that he has done nothing for others and only concentrated on his needs. Arun fails to utilize the power of God in a proper way and then realizes that it is not easy to acquire supremacy.  

Music director duo Sajid-Wajid has past record of giving hit music but fails to render soulful music this time. Script is poor but Rumi Jaffery is lucky as he need not have to make any effort to extract acting from those experienced actors. It is meaningless to speak about performances when the script itself fallout.

In the nutshell, is not at all worth watching. There is no any enticing factor that would make the audience stick to their seat. The film will fail to do a promising business. Regardless of bad result, Salman and Priyanka’s fan will definitely go to watch the movie at least once.

God Tussi Great Ho