Go from the Ramgopal Factory is another disaster, with a barely conceivable script, a distasteful screenplay and an execution that lacks any finesse. Go like many of Varma’s earlier films borrow from his past films like Daud, Road etc. It involves a love plot, a chase and nitty gritty politics have been thrown in, unfortunately none of these elements manage to create a spark. The screenplay comes across as completely banal and the execution too is a severe disappointment. Performances are downright terrible and this is what makes the film an extremely apologetic one.

The film has been directed by Manish Srivastav and screenplay by Arshad Syed. The film stars newcomer Gautam Gupta, Nisha Kothari, Rajpal Yadav, Kay Kay Menon, etc.

Abhay and Vasu belong to different cultures but these two youngsters are neighbours and end up falling in love with each other. Due to parental opposition they elope and decide to head to Goa. En route they encounter a politician’s personal aide, a police inspector, a local goon etc. They get drawn into several other controversies and meanwhile they have their own set of problems with their parents reporting them missing to the cops. They seem to be on a wild goose chase to Goa. En route they sing love songs, dance and get into harms way at every given opportunity.

Director Manish seems to have simply thrown in the mandatory requirements of a film, song, dance, action etc and made his film. The script is amateur and does not have any depth whatsoever. The screenplay seems like a bunch of scenes thrown together and the execution is equally dull. The romantic track between newcomer Gautam and Nisha Kothari lacks the ability to convince or hold one’s attention. The songs, the couple with barely any clothes gyrating in the water and all other odd places is done seemingly just to garner some cheap attention, unfortunately it only manages to make one lose interest. There is no subtle and sweet chemistry between the couple who are supposed to be teenagers.

As for the political angle, it seems even more unbelievable as a chief minister, his aides, a dead body, a goon etc all come into the picture. The chase that the couple goes through is simply absurd. The attempt at humour with the take offs fall completely flat and seems more like an insult. The music is forgettable and the choreography is over the top and vulgar. Cinematography is extremely amateur and dialogues are crass. Performances too are far below average, Nisha Kothari’s performance is simply terrible and it seems like she makes no effort at all. Newcomer Gautam’s performance is lacking too, Rajpal Yadav goes over the top and Kay Kay Menon does not fit the role at all.

Go has an undernourished script, a feeble screenplay and lackluster performances that makes it an extremely poor flick. At the box-office it is likely to receive a poor opening.