Ghajini never disappoints his audience and if he promises something, he fulfills it. His much awaited flick hit the silver screen on Christmas and he has offered the people the unexpected. The heavy stunt, his eight packs abs, romance, his anger, frustrations are the main attraction of the film therefore enticing one to stick to his seat. The heavy action, loudness and aggression of taking revenge created a buzz at the theatre.

Aamir superbly played the role of a psycho killer who loses his memory for a short period and regain it after every 15 minutes. To recall everything at the time of memory loss, he used to write the names and phone numbers of the killer
(Pradeep Rawat) who killed his love on his body. The moment the film unveiled, it will grip your interest and creates a feeling in your mind as what wil come next.

is a total entertainment package. A R Murugadoss has included all the masalas in it. The film is not deviated from the normal but the way it is developed and the high class technicality that is used has made the film much more appealing. At no point the momentum ceases. The film stretches to 3 long hours but able to keep the mood of the audience upbeat. After a long time, Aamir was again seen in any action flick.

Here Aamir plays the role of a rich businessman named Sanjay Singhania. He by chance falls in love with an aspiring model Kalpana played by south sensation
. When Sanjay proposed Kalpana, she readily agreed without knowing his real identity. Kalpana carries a heart of gold. She loves to help the poor but one of her right move has proved fatal. She set free 25 girls who are taken to Goa. The goon became furious on looking at his plan being spoiled by Kalpana and one black night, he enters Kalpana’s abode and killed her. At the same time Sanjay enters to inform Kalpana about his real identity. 

The killer hit Sanjay on his head and caused him brain disorder. Due to the hurt, he fails to remember things for more than 15 minutes. Then his haunt for the killer started and the journey is all filled with bloodshed.
a medical student gets the diary of Sanjay’s peculiar nature in her hand and she studies his various sheds.

includes everything, if one is hungry for violence, he can get a bit of it. If one desires to see romance, it will offer the same.

Speaking about performance will be just a waste.
is as usual superb. He has again showed his versatility in enacting any tough role. is equally good. also played her part well. A R Murugadoss has done a superb job both in Hindi and in Tamil.

On the whole,
is a must watch film. It is total entertaining and includes everything what a cine-goers long for. So before it is too late, grab the tickets for a show near you.