Galiyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela

Ram Leela’ was released on 15th November. The movie is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the lead casts are Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. The other prominent casts of the movie are Richa Chadda, Supriya Pathak and Gulshan Deviah.

The movie in one word can be described as magnanimous. It is a larger than life portrayal of a love story that went through guns and bloodshed. The movie has beautifully combined two big stories together; on the one hand it shows the desi version of a passionate and intense love story of Romeo and Juliet and on the other hand, it shows the lead character as ‘Ram’ who goes to vanvas and returns to set everything right. The lead actor returns to his clan on dusshera. And as a Romeo his agenda is to fight for his love. The Sita of Ramayan here is called Leela.

Every scene in movie is meticulously developed, right from the colorful Gujju clan to magnificent havelis to beautiful ghagras. The love story between Ram (Ranveer Singh) and Leela (Deepika Padukone) is worth watching. At one point, Bhansli goes overboard that he shows a messy love story under a perfect setting. As in Leela is always with makeup, her tears roll with beauty. She manages to look perfect even in adverse settings. But that is Bhansali. He creates a universe of his own around audience and surely audience loves his version of bright and beautiful world.

All the major and minor characters are authentic and genuine; their lingo seems so authentic that it puts life in the movie. Supriya Pathak as always was superb. So was Richa Chadda and Gulshan Deviah.

Ranveer Singh was crisp in his acting. Bhansali has managed to take him away from the slouchy character of ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. He gets the right amount of passion to his character who is not very educated but has guns as power. Deepika’s acting was flawless. She shows the longing of a lover which is mature yet has a childish appeal.

‘Ram Leela’ can be watched for the love of Ram and Leela. Till the time, they are on screen, you don’t feel like batting an eyelid but when the roaring guns take over, you feel noise and violence which is not at all pleasing. Wish the movie had only love story and no guns. It is a must watch.
ram leela