English Vinglish

Yesteryears superstar Sridevi returns to woo her auidnce again after a hiatus of 15 years but with a bang. She has set a new level of standard as how a comeback film should be. We will get to see the same old Sridevi who is chulbuli at the same time steady and sensitive, wrapped in saffron and cotton saree but with little aged.

From the word ‘go’, Sridevi glitters. She totally captured the mind and the heart of the audience. Debutante director Gauri Shinde has given a perfect launch pad to Sridevi, the one that a successful actress of 80’s deserved and the icing on the cake is that Sridevi is totally the role and delivered her best. No sooner Sridevi comes on the celluloid, she detains the mind and heart of the cine audience and we suddenly had the feeling that the old Sridevi is back.

The film opens with an efficient housewife named Shashi who gets busy in preparing breakfast for her children and husband, providing tea to her in-laws. Her day starts and ends doing household chores. Besides, doing all for he family, she also runs a small business making ladoos.

Shashi is a perfect homemaker but in spite of all qualities of a perfect housewife, she sometimes is ridiculed as Shashi can’t speak English. Her two children feel shame when their mother can’t speak in English during parents-teacher meet. Shashi’s husband also feels shame when his wife can’t match up with his high class colleagues and their wives very smartly converse in English.

She is underestimated due to her incapability of speaking English. Frustrated Shashi regretfully asks her husband: Important batein sirf English mein hi hoti hain?  From outside, it looks like a perfect and happy home nut inside Shashi feels humiliations and discarded. Shashi is taken as granted and she is only there to serve.

Shashi’s life took a new turn when she went to New York to help with her niece's wedding. There she took secretly a crash course of English. Then starts Shashi’s English Vinglish class.

English Vinglish’ is a catchy script. It’s a perfect launch for actress like Sridevi. The script did not deviate from the central zone. Even at times, it looses the grip but Sridevi’s power-packed performance has built up the interest level. Gauri Shinde said that it is the story of her mother who struggles with English and at times had to face humiliation.

The script is undoubtedly very interesting which one can relate to it. Sridevi is the soul of the movie. She shines throughout. It doesn’t have the feel that she is returning to films after 15 years.

‘English Vinglish’ shines throughout. It will bring a big smile on your face, the film will entertain you and Sridevi’s fans will satisfy their thirst. 'English Vinglish' has a feel good effect.
English Vinglish