Ek Villain

After months of promotion and buzz created by good music and interesting trailers ‘Ek Villain’ has finally arrived. It has almost become a common knowledge that the film has similarities with the hit South Korean film, ‘I Saw the Devil’. However since there is no ‘official remake’ stamp on director Mohit Suri’s film, you should be prepared for Bollywood style treatment of the gripping revenge plot that the original plot had. The film has been produced by Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Motion Pictures banner and the great soundtrack has been created by efforts from Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari and the band Soch.


Sidharth Malhotra plays the protagonist Guru and his lady love Aisha is played by Shraddha Kapoor. The ‘villain’ is Ritiesh Deshmukh. Other notable cast members are-  Remo Fernandes (Caesar), Shaad Randhawa (CBI Officer Aditya Rathore) and Kamaal R Khan as Brijesh Yadav.


Ruthless goon Guru meets the lively girl Aisha who is terminally ill. She wants to fulfill some wishes before dying and asks Guru for help. Her company transforms him and Guru decides to settle down with her after she makes a miraculous recovery. But all their dreams of happiness are shattered when Aisha is brutally killed one day. The killer is an ordinary guy stuck in an unhappy marriage.  Guru begins to search for the killer while the police try their best to stop him before he makes a bloody mess.


The apparent love story plot has a sinister side that can be captivating. The second half of the film is fast paced and holds your attention. Almost all songs from the soundtrack are pleasant to listen. Shraddha does well in her role and makes the audience laugh genuinely on several occasions. Ritiesh Deshmukh is excellent in his first full blown negative role. He is no doubt the show stealer in this film. Kamaal Khan in his small role will get to your nerve.


The essentially dark plot is slowed down by elaborate back stories, romance and songs. The songs though good, do not exactly fit with the dark nature of the film. There are some situations which look absolutely silly. Sidharth Malhotra looks too good to be an underworld muscleman. He does not look menacing enough. His poor expressions are not helping him at all. Shraddha’s act can seem irritating to some.  The bloody violent scenes could have been used more effectively.


‘Ek Villain’ is a decent one time watch.
ek villain