Ek Paheli Leela

The Bobby Khan directed ‘Ek Paheli Leela’ hit the screens on 10 April. Sunny Leone fans expected a lot from this film, especially after having a look of each of her three roles in the trailer. But the poorly crafted film has dulled all this excitement very quickly.


Sunny Leone plays a supermodel called Meera, while Jay Bhanushali plays Karan who is in the search of his long lost love. Mohit Ahlawat appears as a prince and also the husband of Sunny Leone. Rahul Dev plays a negative character called Bhairav.


It begins with Karan (Jay Bhanushali) who is troubled up by nightmares. Simultaneously, the film introduces a London based supermodel called Meera (Sunny Leone). Andy (Andy) is her business manager and he visits Rajasthan without telling Meera. Along with his friends, Andy convinces Meera to visit Rajasthan for a film shoot despite of her reluctance. She lands in the state and then meets Ranveer Singh (Mohit Ahlawat) who is a prince. They both fall in love and tie the knot. Meanwhile, Karan seeks a solution to his nightmare issue and is helped by Nadi Shastra guru. The guru says that Karan has been reborn to complete some task he left unfinished 300 years ago.

Karan wasn’t able to marry his then lover (Sunny Leone) because of the evil plots of Bhairav (Rahul Dev). Bhairav was so much influenced with the beauty of Meera that he made a lifelike doll. Then Karan goes on to search of his lost love all round Rajasthan. Karan wants to express his love and reveal the truth to his Leela who is now Meera in this birth. But his ladylove is already married to Ranvver Singh. The rest of the plot explores whether Karan is able to convince Meera that she is his love.


Sunny Leone no doubt raises temperatures in each one of her avatar – whether the glamorous one or the rustic one of villager girl.


The plot of the film is senseless and all that the film has is skin show by Sunny Leone. It doesn’t have any content as such and the actress is just surrounded by lustful males. The filmmakers have tried to make an interesting reincarnation story made interesting by setting it in the mystic land of Rajasthan. But they have failed terribly.