DronaAlong with the audience, director and actor hoped to gain a lot from . Goldie has even declared its sequel without looking at his response. Eventually the long cherished dream of the two childhood friends gets converted into reality this week. Now the vital question is whether lives up to the expectation of the audience and whether Abhi and Goldie been able to achieve their goal. The answer is not too promising as fails to win over the heart of the audience and they did not get to taste any difference. The story lacks soul and blood.

In this world of pubs and pizzas, a superhero epic is basically indigestible. Young generation finds hard to relate themselves with such type of heroic flick until and unless the plotline is strong enough to grab their interest and
has showed his guts in dealing with the subject of fantasy and adventure which the youths of today finds hard to connect themselves. is a big budget, extravaganza and lavish film. Crores of rupees has been invested in its making but in no way it could entertain the audience. disappoints one and all. All the hard efforts get wasted and Abhi again fail to establish himself a successful solo actor.

The story speaks about little Aditya (
) who has been starving for love from childhood as he was born and brought up by foster family. He has been taunted and humiliated from childhood. Aditya only recognizes his power when an evil sorcerer Riz Raizada (), a descendant of the Asuras (Demons) chases him to kill in order to win over the world, immortality and evil. Riz Raizada recognizes Aditya as when he saw the beautiful Kada (a thick bangle like bracelet), around his wrist. In order to become the king of the earth, he has to acquire the ‘Amrith’ which is possessed by the savior of the world, .

happens to interact with his bodyguard Sonia () when Riz Raizada chases him to take his life. It was actually Sonia who identified him as and introduces him to his real mother Queen Jayati Devi ().

Then start the roller coaster journey of the great savior

Soon after the son and mother alliance follows conspiracy, battle and blood shed. Riz Raizada with full force and power tries to kill
but as we usually see and say, evils can never takeover good. at last win the battle over evil. 

Speaking about the performances,
’s body language does not suit to the role of the savior. He looked awkward in those costumes of warrior and failed to create any impact. looked stylish and impressive; she is gradually improving with every film. is ok but he looked buffoon in his attire. has a small part to enact and she did a good job.

In a nutshell,
fails to mesmerize the audience. It is a total disaster and after Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai, Goldie and Abhishek combination again fall short. The film was equally important for Abhi and Goldie but turned to be a major setback. It won’t be a crowd puller. Sorry to say but is a total flop.