Double Dhamaal

‘Double Dhmaal’ brings back four crazy guys – Adi (Arshad), Manav (Javed), Roy (Riteish) and Boman (Ashish). The film stars exactly from the same stage where the prequel ends giving a flashback about the four friends shown in the original. Four of them gave their property to an orphanage and left with nothing. Soon they discover Kabir (Sanjay Dutt) who is leading a luxurious life. The four of them planned to grab all the money of Kabir. Joining in the game of cheating and earning money in shortcut is two leading ladies present in Kabir’s life, Kamini (Mallika) and Kiya (Kangana).

The movie is full of thrill and fun like the original. The jokes are funny and it was too loud. The first part deals with Sanjay’s playing trick on the four guys who wants to make money easily. 

Director Indra Kumar has incorporated some lighter moments in the movie which was quite fascinating. The comic timing is brilliant and the four boys are high on stupidity. The dialogues by Farhad-Sajid are brilliant and soundtracks by Anand Raaj Anand are well accomplished. Aseem Bajaj's cinematography is top notch.

Speaking about performances, Ritiesh Deshmukh was brilliant in his comic timings. We know that he does comedy really well and here too he has shown his comic prowess. Arshad Warsi was absolutely funny. Javed Jafari in his comical role is outstanding. No words to describe Boman Irani, we all know how skilled he was in performing his role. Sanjau Dutt was as usual superb. The two leading ladies, Kangana and Mallika could not flaunt their style. They lacked in style quotient.

In the nutshell, ‘Double Dhamaal’ is a light hearted movie. Your three hours will be filled with laugher and fun. This weekend will feel your time with joy. Recommended, go for this joyous ride.