Do Dooni Chaar

Do Dooni Chaar

If you love Hrishikesh Mukherjee's lines of movies which are simple but full of life, if you love the golden pairing of real life jodi, and then go for ‘’. Director Habib Faisal’s handing of the simple subject in a simplest and lively way is the X-factor of the film. It depicts the happenings of daily life and shows how a middle class family has to fight for expenses to meet their ends. Forget about luxury items, they struggle to meet their both ends meet.

In this age of cars, scooter holders feel bit awkward to run a scooter especially when their relatives are car holders. Obviously, their family desire for the one. But financial constrain makes things impossible. Picking up those tender points, Habib Faisal made ‘’. It is a light hearted comedy full of life. After so much terror and loud movies, ‘’ comes as a cool breeze.

The story is based in Delhi and it’s a family of four. Santosh Duggal (), doting wife Kusum Duggal (Neetu Kapoor), a college-going daughter, Payal Duggal (Aditi Vasudev) and a notorious son, Sandy Duggal (Archit Vasudev). Santosh is a Delhi-based Mathematics school teacher who struggles to meets the primary ends of his family. In this situation owning a car is a distant dream for the family. Under extreme financial condition, they had to suppress their dream of owning a four wheeler. To run his family, he even teaches in a coaching class.

However, Duggal was managing things somehow. But things turned worse when Santosh’s sister-in-law one day came to his house and invited them for a wedding at her in-laws house. Santosh’s head twisted when she had laid a necessary condition to attend the wedding that they had to come with a car. To make to the wedding, they somehow managed a car from their neighbor.

But on returning from the wedding, the car was damaged and they had an heated argument with their neighbors. At the spur of the moment, Duggal promised that within few days; he would have his own car. Then started the entire process of managing money, loans, EMI’s, down payment. How and what the family goes through in bringing their dream alive forms the rest of the story.

Habib Faisal has well written the script by keeping a good balance of humor and emotions. The film is very well executed. Anshuman Mahalay's cinematography is delightful. Music by Meet Brothers and Anjan well placed . Aarti Bajaj's editing is top-notch. 

Speaking about performances,
is a treat to watch. Very natural and superb acting. After 30 years, he paired up with his wife and both complimented each other. rocks and also looks very beautiful. She in the role of a simple house wife was amazing.

In the nutshell, ‘’ is a very simple and wonderful film. One can compare oneself with the characters. It’s worth watching and deserve applause.