Dil Diya Hai

Dil Diya Hai has a different storyline, one that may favour mixed responses. However due to many audiences accepting films with different storylines at multiplexes, the response for Dil Diya Hai may be average. Dil Diya Hai has a romantic love story at the heart and it is surrounded by different angles, a villainous angle and a story where the hero is shown to have grey shades at times and where he is not portrayed to be perfect. The script of the film depicts a love story with a twist; there is romance, a negative aspect, several twists and turns and even high-end drama. The execution by Aaditya Dutt too is handled efficiently and the performances by the leads are decent enough, hence the film is average and definitely watchable at least once.

The film belongs to the romantic-action genre of films and has been produced by Bala Patel. This is Aaditya Dutt’s second directorial venture after ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ and the film stars Emraan Hashmi as Saahil, Ashmit Patel in a negative role as Kunaal Malik, debutante Geeta Basra as Neha, Mithun Chakraborty and Udita Goswami in a special appearance. The music has been composed by Himesh Reshammiya and the lyrics have been done by Sameer.

Saahil and his friend run a travel agency in the UK; they give their clients various packages which include offers to sightsee various locations in the UK. Saahil is a good guy at heart, but he portrays a different side to those around him. Unfortunately he is forced to con their clients for a little bit of extra cash at times but this all for a noble cause. The cause being that Saahil’s mother is seriously ill and he needs to make a lot of fast cash to save her. Neha and her family arrive in the UK and hire Saahil’s travel agency to take them sightseeing around. However when Neha and her family are leaving to go back to Scotland, she misses her train and is stranded with Saahil alone. She pleads with Saahil to take her back to Scotland. At first Saahil is reluctant, but later he agrees.

While Saahil is helping Neha to get back to her folks in Scotland, on the way Neha falls in love with him. But Saahil has other more important things on his mind and is thinking about his mother’s illness and a quick way to make some fast cash. Saahil gets desperate and explores several options, but he can finally come up with only one solution. Saahil thinks of the man who had once asked him to get into the indecent business of supplying girls for the flesh trade. At any other time Saahil would not have even considered this low method of making money, but he is desperate and so he decides to sell Neha to the stranger for some fast hard cash.

The stranger works for Kunaal who runs many illegal and unethical businesses ranging from drugs, prostitution and contract killing. Kunaal is a hardcore, ruthless criminal. However he gets attracted to Neha, her beauty and innocence. He now wants to make her his. Meanwhile Saahil takes the money given to him for delivering Neha and goes back to London. He manages to save his mother’s life, but there is a constant guilt in him about what he has done to poor Neha, he also realizes that he is in love with her. So he decides to go back and rescue Neha from the evil clutches of Kunaal. But will Kunaal relent and give up Neha without a fight.

Aaditya has used a bold twist when he incorporates the part of Saahil selling Neha for money. This concept resembles a number of Hollywood flicks like ‘Indecent proposal’ etc, nonetheless it moves forth in a different direction. Aaditya has written the story incorporating several twists and turns and he has even executed the screenplay in a fairly deft manner. It is no doubt a lofty subject but Aaditya has managed to carry it forth in a sensitive manner. The post-interval period depicts a lot of drama and action and manages to hold one’s attention. Mithun Chakraborty also has a fairly decent role. Aaditya manages to depict the conflict between Emraan and Ashmit quite well in the latter portion.

There are however a few loopholes in the film, the fact that Neha still loves Saahil after knowing that he sold her off is a little far fetched. Also the pre-interval portion at times seems to drag a bit too long. Also the triangle love story that Aaditya creates is quite predictable. Emraan Hashmi taking on the bad guys and fighting off all the goons is a tad unbelievable. Several creative liberties have been taken while executing the screenplay and some of the songs don’t seem to fit into the screenplay well and are illogically placed. Nonetheless the film manages to hold one’s interest during several portions.

Director Aaditya Dutt has used a mature topic for his second film and has improved quite a bit from his first venture. Though he still has a long way to go, he is showing signs of a budding director. The music of the film though by Himesh Reshammiya is a major disappointment as there were high expectations due to Aaditya’s first venture being a musical hit. The song ‘Dil Diya Hai’ has the usual Himesh touch and is melodious. A major part of the film is shot in London; the cinematography is average though and could have been better. The dialogues are average but lack any punch. The performances given by all the leads are decent enough.

Emraan Hashmi may not have that star quality to him, but nonetheless he has become fairly efficient and decent in his performances. He manages to portray the dilemma faced by Saahil with ease and also his on-screen chemistry with co-star Geeta Basra is not bad. Geeta Basra definitely looks hot in the film and her performance is average enough for a newcomer. She definitely has the potential to rise higher. Ashmit Patel does a good job as the villain and arouses dislike amongst audiences. He too gives a fairly good performance. Mithun Chakraborty delivers an okay performance; unfortunately the rest of the cast in their character roles did not really leave any mark. Udita Goswami looks hot in the song at the start of the film.

However the movie is devoid of any big stars and star value which may go against it. Also the storyline of the film may not appeal to everyone, especially the more conventional masses. On the other hand for those who appreciate different cinema, this is definitely a watchable film which has average scope and potential to entertain. At the box-office though it may face stiff competition from Lage Raho Munnabhai which is a current hit and hence may do just about average. Perhaps word of mouth about the film may take it to the average mark.