Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2 is sexy, stylish, cool and has loads of style with masala and entertainment thrown in for good measure. Dhoom 2 is no doubt an entertaining film that deals with the cops and robbers theme and which includes a love story which is also an integral part of the film. The film revolves around the cops who are up against the smartest international thief who is now planning a heist in Mumbai and their job is to stop him and capture him at any costs. The cops are smart but the thief is even smarter and what follows is an interesting cops and robbers chase. Dhoom 2 has everything, spectacular locations, stylish and vibrant visuals, some of the finest actors who look absolutely gorgeous, daring stunts and action sequences. It’s a film that has loads of energy and one that will be extremely winning especially with the youth. Unfortunately while everything about the film rocks, it’s the script which seems underdeveloped by the makers. Nonetheless the visual impact and exuberance of the film camouflages the weak aspects of the film well. A film that has been packaged well and gives its fare share of entertainment.

Dhoom 2 has been produced under Yash Raj Films banner and has been directed by Sanjay Gadhavi. It is a sequel and belongs to the action/adventure genre of films. The story has been written by Aditya Chopra while the screenplay of the film has been done by Vijay Krishna Acharya. The film stars Hrithik Roshan as Aryan, Aishwarya Rai as Sunheri, Abhishek Bachchan as Jai Dixit, Uday Chopra as Ali, Bipasha Basu as Shonali Bose/Monali and Rimi Sen in a special appearance. The music of the film has been composed by Pritam Chakraborty.

ACP Jai Dixit and his right hand man Ali are cops whose main aim is to put a stop to crime at any cost. While Jai is the more serious and stern type, Ali is the happy go lucky jovial guy who is constantly falling in love. Meanwhile Shonali Bose who is also a cop and an old college friend of Jai’s is assigned to work with Jai and Ali on the same case. Shonali has been tracking the movements of one of the most clever and most wanted thief’s. Unfortunately there is very limited information on this thief and moreover no one even knows how he looks. However what they do know is that the thief’s next heist is soon to be in Mumbai and their job is to prevent him from carrying out his theft and also capturing him. The thief’s only clue which he leaves behind is an A sign.

A stands for Aryan one of the smartest, sexy, dynamic and intelligent thieves. He wants to make a mark with his thefts all over the world and his next target is Mumbai. The cops know that he is after a priceless diamond and are all prepared with plenty of tight security. However Aryan manages to outmaneuver all the cops and gets what he is after. He decides to pull of another heist as he loves collecting priceless objects, so he now wants a priceless sword that is guarded 24 hours in a fort. But Aryan loves a challenge and hence sees that the cops are aware what his next target is, that makes the chase and challenge even more sweet. However this time round he comes face to face with another thief who has the same target. This time together they dupe the cops and once again walk away with the priceless sword. Sunheri a beautiful con artist who has big dreams and aspirations is the other thief and wants to be Aryan’s partner in crime. She wins over Aryan’s affection and together they embark on their perfect crime.

However now ACP Jai and Ali are determined to find and capture Mr. A and so they come up with a plan. Will their plan to capture Mr. A, the perfect thief work or will he get away this time too? The chase begins and there can be only one winner. As the protagonists say “May the best man win!”

The film begins with an adrenaline arousing scene, Hrithik skydiving atop a train, it’s a superb action and special effects sequence which gets your attention right from the start. There are several other action sequences like Hrithik’s rollerblading through the streets, the bungee jump etc which leave you speechless. The film is full of vibrant colours and spontaneous energy and the visual effects are extremely captivating. The amazing locations which include South Africa, Namibia, Rio and other places are breathtaking. Also the look of each and every actor is totally in keeping with his/her character and all of them are dressed in an extremely youthful and stylish manner. The actors have also toned up their bodies and worked hard to get their looks right which comes across and is brilliant onscreen. The innovative method of all the heists and the action that is seen during the thefts is extremely creative. The gadgets and the disguises used by Hrithik are simply outstanding. The effort that director Sanjay Gadhavi has given to minute details and styling of the film is apparent and works extremely well.

Unfortunately the aspect which needed more attention is the script. A lot of the action sequences along with the entertainment seem to be just thrown in together and thus the plot has been formed. The screenplay looks great with the loads of style but lacks a strong attention holding and captivating story line. It looks as if the script fell into place after the scenes were worked out rather than before and thus seems a bit weak. It also seemed like the love story was intruding on the adventurous/action thriller, it needed to be integrated in a better way into the script. The music too was lacking and was a bit disappointing.

Nonetheless Dhoom 2 still manages to work well in spite of these flaws. Dhoom 2 has ushered in a new, novel and interesting genre of films, the cops and robbers chase is an interesting and dormant genre that has been explored well in the film. It has also paved the part with its action and special effects angle. Sanjay Gadhavi’s execution takes you into a fantasy world full of chills and thrills. The climax too is great with loads of action and energy. The music by Pritam is average but the picturisations, colour, vibrancy, energy levels and choreography by Shiamak Davar and Vaibhavi Merchant lends a brilliant touch. Dhoom Machale has the energy and sounds great but is sung entirely in English, ‘Krazy Kiya Re' picturised on Ash also sounds good. Background music by Salim and Sulaiman is apt and works well. The stylish visuals like the décor and look has been done by Tata Elxsi and is definitely commendable. Action by Allan Amin is first rate, cinematography by Nirav and Vikas is top notch and deserves merit. Dialogues are subtle and witty and costumes and styling of the actors by Anaita is excellent and classy.

Hrithik Roshan is simply brilliant as an entire package; he looks like a Greek god in the film with his six pack abs, golden brown locks and trendy attire. But his attitude and performance too simply rock, he steals the show in each and every frame; Hrithik performs the action sequences, emotional sequences, dance and even the drama with equal flair. His disguises in the film are exceptional and he carries them off with equal aplomb. Hrithik’s performance overall is superb in the film, he makes being bad look really cool. Hrithik has a brilliant on-screen chemistry with Aishwarya and their hot kiss makes the screen sizzle. Ash is in top shape in the film and her new look is a refreshing and nice change. Her cool and light mannerisms work and her character is likeable. Ash looks comfortable and has lost some of her inhibitions on screen. She delivers a fairly good performance. Abhishek Bachchan too delivers a fare performance but unfortunately he seems to get overshadowed by Hrithik’s dynamic presence in the film. Bipasha Basu looks hot in the film but her performance is strictly average, as she does not come across as a convincing cop and as for her other (double role) role, she is simply required to look hot and sizzle which she does. Uday Chopra gives a decent performance though at times his comic overtures do seem forced. Rimi Sen’s special appearance does not really make much of a mark.

On the whole Dhoom 2 is entertaining and a highly stylised film that has loads of cool attitude. Dhoom 2 has a sizzling, energetic and youthful appeal to it. At the box-office the film will be a superhit and will go a long way. A youthful and vibrant Yash Raj film that leaves you wanting more.

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