Dhobi Ghat

Dhobi GhatThe city ‘Mumbai’ has inspired many filmmakers to make films making it a backdrop. ’s directional debut ‘’ is also the same. The movie is filmed in Mumbai and speaks about different aspects of the class residing in the city and their varied hopes.

The film is not like a typical Bollywood naach-gaana type. It is unconventional. It does not have a mass appeal. Ideally speaking, the film is made for all but won’t like by everyone. Only a particular section will cherish it and understand what it basically wants to tell. Those who will get into the nerve of the film will recommend it and those who will dig the movie for entertainment will feel boring.

Four different characters form the basis of the story. Shai, played by Monica Dogra is an NRI investment. The second protagonist is Arun, played by , he is an anguished artist. Munna, played by , is a dhobi who aspires to become an actor And the last but not the least is Yasmin, a young married Muslim girl, played by Kriti Malhotra, who makes video diaries.

Four of them belong to different professions, their ideology varies but their path collides at one point of time. Shai meets Arun in an exhibition and both fall for each other. The time period of their togetherness was very short; it was only a one night stand. The next morning, when he woke up, he blames excess drinking for the incident and left Shai.

Then one fine day, Shai happens to meet Munna, a dhobi but a wannabe actor. They make a strange relationship. Shai makes a portfolio of Munna and they happen to spend time together, go out together, watches movie. Both are happy at each other’s company. Munna had a feeling for Shai but she is ignorant about his feelings.

Another character that moved the movie forward is Yasmin. She was Arun’s tenant. When she left his house, she left her videos in the house which Aamir discovers. The rest of the films show how incidences make an imprint in one’s life and mind.

and her cinematographer Tushar Kanti Ray has very well lifted the city of dreams, ‘Mumbai’, its night life, the rush, the traffic, the local trains, the time of festivity and everything for what Mumbai is basically known for. Gustavo Santaolalla's is convincing. Tushar Kanti Ray's cinematography is first rate.

Speaking about performances, has a bright future in the Indian film industry. His body language, dialogue delivery, expressions leaves a mark. He is too impressive. The debutantes Monica Dogra and Kriti Malhotra perform very naturally and deserve kudos. Last but not the least is the . He is already carrying the tag of perfectionist and this time too his acting shows that he is excellent.

’ is a step forward to bring the parallel cinema to the mainstream. As all new transition takes time, this type of films will also take their own suitable time to impress their audience. Good attempt from a debutante director, .