Dedh Ishqiya

The expectation was sky high from the movie ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ as it is a sequel to the remarkable movie ‘Ishqiya’. Also Madhuri Dixit has replaced Vidya Balan as the leading lady in the movie. This is Madhuri’s come back film after a long gap of seven years. In 2007 her film ‘Aaja Nachle’ has spectacularly flopped at the box office. Interest was high among her fans and critics to learn how her next film fairs at the box office. As ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ released in the silver screens on 10th January 2014, the good news started pouring in.

The flick ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ has kept the promise and it is in places better than its predecessor ‘Ishqiya’. Saibal Chatterjee from NDTV has to say about the film, “Dedh Ishqiya is in many respects appreciably more enthralling than Ishqiya. Dedh Ishqiya entertains, but does so in a manner that does not trifle with the intelligence of the audience. Here is an exceptional film that does not have to negotiate the kind of facile crowd-pleasing narrative formulations that most Bollywood flicks must necessarily wade through in order to get to the Rs 200-crore mark. Dedh Ishqiya might not get there, but it is a triumph of measured craftsmanship and storytelling finesse.”

Naseeruddin Shah plays the role of Khalujaan Iftikhar Hussain and Arshad Warsi characterizes Babban. They are two small time lovable cons. They con a jewelry shop and flee with a valuable necklace but on the run separates from each other. Babban is caught by few muscle mans but manages to escape from their grip. While Khalujaan reaches Mahmudabad. It is a strange place where the widowed begum Para (Madhuri Dixit) holds poetry conventions to select her husband.

Khalujaan takes the guise of a Nawab and poet. Babban joins him too in his quest. While the sly politician Jaan Mohammad (Vijay Raaz) joins the rat race to win the hand of the begum. What follows is a hilarious cat and mouse game between the two cons and the politician. Munira (played by Huma Qureshi) is the right hand of the begum whom Babban tries to win over. What happen next have to be watched at the hall.

The director Abhishek Chaubey has done a remarkable job and surpassed his previous work ‘Ishqiya’. Vishal Bhardwaj has written intelligent and witty dialogues for the film. While the cinematographer Setu have brilliantly used natural light throughout the film and have created beautiful scenes.
dedh ishqiya