De Taali

Ayesha Takia and Riteish Deshmukh at provogue premiereDe Taali takes you into the dive of friendship, love and laughter. Looking at the promos, you may feel like to go to theatre and watch it first day, first show but it will disappoint you from the unveiling onwards and make you feel that it is a full wastage of money. There is no thrill, no twist and turn; it is just flat and square. The story goes no where and tells nothing other than a pale love story. It is handled very poorly and through youthful, it does not match up to the test of the young generation.

The story falls short in every department, right from the scripting, music and direction. Music director duo Vishal-Shekhar again showed their inefficiency in framing the music, director E-Niwas showed his incompetence in handling the script. The film lacks in momentum and excitement.  After viewing it, you need not feel like to give taali. It will be considered another debacle of the year.

The story revolves around three characters, Paglu [Riteish Deshmukh], Amu [] and Abhi []. They all are great buddies and to them another definition of life is enjoyment. They live for each other and shared one another’s problems. Interestingly, Amu is the only girl among them and they never treat her like herself. Knowingly or Unknowingly, Amu develops a strong feeling for Abhi but hesitant to open her heart to him out of fear that he would never understand her feeling. Paglu when one day realized Amu’s inclination towards Abhi, he urged her to express her love for him.

But things did not work out according to their wish. One unlucky day, Amu surprised them by revealing the name of the gal, he is in love with. And surprisingly, it was not Amu but Kartika aka Anjali []. Paglu in many ways tried to spark love in Abhi’s heart for Amu but all his attempts failed. Slowly, Amu and Paglu realized that Anjali does not love him in the real sense and she is just using him for her benefits. How Paglu become successful in igniting love in Abhi’s heart, how Abhi will realize the bad motive of Anjali, discard her and accept Amu and finally what will happen to Paglu, De Taali deals with all those facts.

Speaking about the performances, Riteish Deshmukh has again showed his prowess in handling comedy genre. His competency in depicting comic role has been awesome. played her part well, she was looking great. seemed little weak and has showed lack of interest in enacting his part. looked sexy and was fine on her part. Anupam Kher’s talent has been wasted.

In a nutshell, De Taali does not deserve taali at all. It is not at all a paisa wasool film. Sorry to say, it is another disaster of the year and it will be beaten up badly at the box office. The promos will lure the audience to go and watch this romantic comedy but after viewing the full picture, they will feel a jerk. The film may get a good opening in some places but people will dump it very soon. De Taali is absolutely a poor show.