DabanggIf ’s fans have any complain against their godfather then it is suggested that they should leave all the grievances behind  and go and watch ‘’ because in this film, was like never seen before. It proves that he is a complete entertainer. ‘’ means fearless and the movie has all the ingredients of a perfect masala movie. The three x-factors of the film are powerful music, good stunt and Salman’s star power. as Chulbul Pandey rocks. His moustache and sunglasses seems quite entertaining.  

One can relate the story to many Bollywood flicks of the past but what appeals the audience the most is the presentation. It is a story about victory of good over bad. It has a step-father, step-bother and an enemy. The film is very enjoyable and every character attracts the cine-goers and fascinates them to stick to their seat.  

Set in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, ‘’ is a story of Chulbul Pandey (), a fearless but corrupt police officer. He has his own way of ruling his territory. He is fearless and has the strength to fight against the bad. But Chulbul has a bitter childhood. His father dies when he was a child. His mother () then married to Prajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna). He has a step brother Makhanchan (). His step father always supports his step brother. Chulbul can’t stand his step father and step brother at all. He was only attached to his mother but after the demise of his mother, he cut all the ties from his step father and brother.

Chulbul decided to live life according to his own set of rules. He does what he feels is correct. Enters in his life like a cool breeze is Rajo (). He marries Rajo and begun to think positively. But Chulbul was not free from problem. He was challenged by another enemy Cheddi Singh (). Cheddi touched the wounded nerve of Chulbul by putting one brother against the other. How Chulbul fights against his enemny and wins the battle against the insiders and outsiders form the rest of the story.

S. Vijayan's stunts and Sajid-Wajid's music are the positive factors of the film. Mallika’s item number is a hit and quite entertaining. Action sequences are awesome and are a highlight of the film. Director Abhinav Singh Kashyap was superb in dealing with the subject. Keeping the entertainment element intact, he carried the story forward. Nothing was over dramatic and every scene was balanced. Mahesh Limaye's cinematography is perfect. Dialogue was up to the mark and the Bihari dialect was mind-blowing.

Speaking about performances, rocks throughout. At no point, he was low. The film belongs to him and he has done full justice in portraying his character. He deserves all the credit. being a debutante matches perfectly to the step of Salman Bhai. She understood her character and enacted accordingly. She has the ability to make big. in the role of a step brother was superb. He has well depicted the anger and revenge in his face. was ok. Veteran actors Vinod Khanna and were as usual superb.

In the nutshell, ‘’ is out and out entertaining. At no point, the film seems dull. It is a complete paisa wasool and it won’t disappoint ’s fans. It will open fabulously and bring high profit to the box office and distributors.