Terrorists continue to be a major threat to the security and integrity of a nation. Terrorism is particularly relevant in these times and movie makers will exploit the situation to make films that enlighten the masses about the intricacies of the matter. Each country adopts a different take on the affair. While Britishers have a tendency to release James Bond on missions to Russia, Indians deal with the problem of Pakistan in their movies.

We had Ek Tha Tiger last year on the life of an audacious RAW agent. This year we have D Day. This is not to say that D Day is redundant and a run of the mill movie albeit the fact that it is directed by Nikhil Advani, a champion of romantic dramas like Salaam e ishq and Kal Ho Naa Ho.

The film is about the extradition of a notorious underworld don – Goldman. Though it does not mention it anywhere explicitly, Goldman represents Dawood Ibrahim. The film begins with promise. The action sequences are mind blowing and it comes as no surprise. Tom Struthers, the stunt director of The Dark Knight was roped in for the action scenes and he does justice like no other. But as is typical for a Bollywood movie, the film loses focus somewhere down the line. It forgets the essence and the purpose it was supposed to serve. The champion of romance overcomes the element of action thriller in the director and he goes wayward. The film reduces to a love story.

The movie could have done a lot more but it gets stuck at narrating the not so dark shades of the lives of criminals. It stresses that they have a tender side to themselves. This revelation is punctuated by action scenes to keep the adrenaline flow rushing in the audience. But for a man who has seen Hollywood, it will be old wine in a new bottle.

The dialogues are good, not great. The scenes between Arjun Rampal and Shruti Hasan are subtle. Rishi Kapoor does complete justice to his role. It is a different story with a plot that is weak and unbelievable. The background score stays with you. D Day can be an entertaining weekend watch. But do not expect any depth or substance in the movie. This is not an action movie. It is a story of unrequited love.