Chance Pe Dance

Chance Pe DanceSome films have a feel good effect. Very simple in presentation, made on a low budget and has a star casts that are not too pricey but has a mass appeal. Ken Ghosh’s ‘’ is one such film that falls in this category of simplicity. It shows what one can do regardless of any Godfather but with a dint of hard work. It can give inspiration to those who wanted to make to the Hindi film industry. The script is free flow and absorbing.

Shahid Kapur is a fantastic dancer and this dancing skill of his has been exploited in the film. The script and presentation was kept as simple as possible. It is basically a story of a struggler who comes all the way from Delhi to Mumbai to cherish his dream of becoming a top hero. 

It is the story of a struggling actor Sameer (Shahid Kapur) and a helpful choreographer and girlfriend Tina (Genelia D’Souza). Sameer keeps on moving. Instead of working at his daddy’s shop, Sameer moved to Mumbai. He is not restricted to a particular job. He does various work before getting a breakthrough in film. Sameer did not lose heart when he faced rejection, failed in auditions or was given fake promises. He runs down a car into the lavatories and dance halls of a school, and from there to producers’ offices and simultaneously moves from one producer to another for a lucrative offer. He is full of energy and life.

Finally, one day he was spotted in a hotel by a top director Monish Behl. Many good things happened at one time, Sameer has been signed by the popular director and he at the same time falls for Tina who was assigned to choreograph his debut film. But things did not go all well with Sameer. He was kicked out of his debut film after his producer decided to select a new actor though a nation wide talent hunt show.

Unable to pay the rent, he was knocked out of his rented house and therefore he was to reside in his car. He took up job of a dance teacher in a school. But all gets well at the end and the hard work of Sameer finally paid off.

The film has many emotional touches where Sameer sheds tears and Tina comforting him. 

Director Ken Ghosh has made a good effort but was not sufficient. It was like same old item served on the same old dish. Adnan Sami’s music was just ok. What is most remarkable is the choreography by Ahmed Khan and Marty Kudelka.

Speaking about performances, Shahid Kapur was as usual superb. His dancing skill deserves accolades. His energy level was very high. Genelia was at her best, she was bubbly as well as effective. Monish Behl played his part well.

has less entertainment quotient. In the box office, it will have a tough time.