C KKOMPANYEkta Kapoor’s K factor and underworld concept still prevails with CKKCOMPANY. The only deviated factor is that she has incorporated some comic element in it. The comical factor worked fabulously well in the first half  but in the second hald it proved disaster. You need to find reason to stick to your seat. The film has some Munnabhai flavor associated with it where the three main protagonists went ahead to render service to the society by doing things away from the normal track.

In a situation where the three comical genius unite, humor is bound to prevail but CKKOMPANY did not turn out to be so. The director failed to keep laughter consistent throughout. As the film proceeds, humor takes backseat. The three character that has met with failure in their respective field but went ahead to do good for the poor  are Akshay (Tusshar Kapoor) who is a TV crime reporter and desired to elope with the daughter of don (Mithin Chakraborthy). The second comical character is Mr. Joshi (Anupam Kher) a retired accountant whose life has become a burden due to his son inhuman activity towards him. The third comic character is Lambodhar () whose size is antonym and he is totally heartbroken with his wife’s attitude.

The three losers come in each other’s rescue and find solace in sharing problems with the others. On one fine day, they came up with an idea of blackmailing Mr Joshi’s son. Their activity in turn proved to be a blessing for the poor. The poor considered them to be their messiah. They help them to get rid of their problem through monetary.

To set a plot through comical element at the backdrop is a tough job. Writer turned debutante director Sachin Yardi who entertained the audience with Kya Kool Hai Hum failed to catapult the audience this time round.

Speaking about the performances, Tusshar Kapoor has grown as an actor. He has shown maturity and drastic improvement with every film. He had portrayed his character with fineness. Anupam Kher is a matured and experienced actor. To comment on his acting will be injustice. is a comical genius and no one can pin-point finger when he is on his comical role. Mithun Chakraborty is a veteran actor and his performance is up to the mark. Raima Sen and Celina Jaitley played their part well. Cinematography is fine.

In the nutshell, nothing exceptional can be expect from CKKOMPANY. It won’t be a box office favorite. If you are free this weekend, you can go and watch the movie for time-pass.