Bullet Raja

The movie will turn out to be a treat for those who closely resemble the action-oriented actors in their real lives. But for cool and easy going people the movie will be a mere battle flooded with blood.

Saif Ali Khan, named as Raja Misra is being portrayed as a character that is incorrigible but when the time comes he tends to fend everyone against the dirty politics of Uttar Pradesh.

Raja was chased by goons and to save himself he runs in to a wedding procession. There he has an encounter with his future best buddy Rudra Tripathi, played by Jimmy Shergill. 

Vidyut Jamwal is being shown as the main dacoit of Chambal valley. He is the only actor who could do violent roles with great ease and the action stunts have been designed by him in the movie. 

Saif Ali Khan and Vidyut Jamwal have done full justice to their roles. Saif’s new hairstyle will captivate the viewers for sure but Saif’s role of Langda Tyagi in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Omkara was a level above than this one.

Sonakshi Sinha had a brief but important role of a Bengali girl which she played fairly well. She successfully portrayed the character of a girl who would give up everything she has for being with the one she truly loves, that is Saif!

For adding some spice to the movie, an item track featuring Mahie Gill was also made a part of the movie.

Ravi Kishan and Gulshan Grover were impressive in their roles but yet the movie did not utilize the talent within them fully. 

Tigmanshu Dhulia, the director has done a commendable job in providing adequate momentum to such a challenging action movie.

The screenplay is appreciable, the market place and the ghats are displayed better than the real.

Dialogues are effective and influential and so is the dialogue delivery. 

The music score is average. At times the background score fails to be in synch with the on screen display of emotions.

Overall the movie is a little off the track when it comes to entertainment. It has been rightly said that too many cooks spoil the broth. And this is what has happened over here! Attempts were made to blend girls, guns, goons, glory with politics and corruption and essence of romance was also included. As a result the audience was unable to enjoy any flavor completely. 
bullet raja