Boss’ is a Bollywood action cum masala movie which is directed by Anthony D’Souza. The lead casts of the movie included Akshay Kumar, Aditi Rao Hydari, Mithun Chakraborty, Shiv Pandit and Ronit Roy. The movie was released on 16th October.

‘Boss’ is an all-in-all a super masala flick which will be forgotten within no time. A movie which has a superb sound track has used most of the sound tracks to emphasize the action sequences of Akshay Kumar. Meaning there by, each time Akshy fights, there is an ear drum thumping sound that intensifies with each action scene of Akshay Kumar. This is a movie to be heard from ears and not seen from eyes.

Akshay Kumar had nothing new to offer in this movie. It was like ‘Rowdy Rathode’ or ‘Khiladi 786’. The action sequences were repetitive and the plot lacked a story. The actors were used as props.

The story revolves around Akshay Kumar who is known as ‘Boss’. He has got this name from his foster father who picked him up in childhood and saved him. He is known as Big Boss (Danny Denzongpa). He is a good hearted goon. Boss’ real father is a school teacher, Satyakant (Mithun Chakraborty). He hates his elder son for his goon association and activities. Akshay’s younger brother is Shiv (Shiv Pandit) and he is in love with Ankita (Aditi Rao Hydari). The twist comes when it is revealed that Ankita is the sister of a ruthless cop Ayushman Thakur (Ronit Roy). He is brutal, much brutal than goons. Akshay fights with him to get justice for his brother whom the cop has threatened to kill.

There is no freshness in the movie. The action sequences are too violent and make up half of the movie. Even the expensive disco song by Sonakshi and Akshay could not save the movie. The characters are predictable. The movie lacks humor. A few jokes are thrown here and there but they do not gel with the sequence of the movie.

Aditi Rao is good for revealing her bikini clad figure. Once she finds love, she is covered in a decent salwar kameez. Other than that, she didn’t have much to offer for the script of the movie.

Ronit Roy was good with his deadly acting. Other than him, everyone was used as a prop. ‘Boss’ at best can be skipped.