Bobby Jasoos

The film ‘Bobby Jasoos’ is a Vidya Balan film written all over it and we are not complaining. Versatile actress Vidya has proven earlier that she can pretty well carry a film on her fragile shoulders. The excitement about this film was high as Vidya is seen in 12 different convincing disguises in the film and the story of the flick is about a girl sleuth, which is very rare in Hindi films. The film released on 4th July 2014.


Charismatic Vidya Balan plays the central role of the girl detective Bilqis alias Bobby Jasoos. The role of her supporting mother is played by Supriya Pathak. The skeptical father of Bilqis is nicely portrayed by Rajendra Gupta. Ali Fazal acts as Vidya’s confused friend Tasavvur, in the flick. The mysterious character of Anees Khan is effortlessly portrayed by Kiran Kumar.


Bobby (Vidya Balan) is a 30 something single woman who dreams to make a career out of Espionage. Her mother supports her dream but her father is skeptical and disapproves of her unconventional career choice. Bobby does small time sleuth activities and dreams of making it big one day. Her prayers are answered when Anees Khan arrives in his life in a big car. Mysterious Anees promises to handsomely pay Vidya if she could find two persons for him. She soon finds the two girls that Anees had requested. But she starts doubting the motives of Anees and whether she was fooled to help the villain. As it turns out after several twists and turns is that the two girls are Anees’s long lost daughters. The climax of the movie brings happiness to all the characters.


A very fast paced and interesting first half that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. The songs and the back ground music in the film composed by Shantanu Moitra are refreshing and gel well with the narrative of the movie. Cinematographer Vishal Sinha has created a visual treat for movie goers. Director Samar Shaikh has beautifully showcased the city of Hyderabad and brought to life the mundane nitty gritty of the city. Needless to say that Vidya delivers another great performance in the movie.


In the second half the pace of the movie gets reduced and the plot loses direction somewhere. The ending of the movie is abrupt and doesn’t go with the fast intelligent pace of the story. The biggest drawback is that the story is predictable, which is a major drawback for a detective flick.


The film, ‘Bobby Jasoos’ can be confidently recommended for a single watch.

bobby jasoos