Amitabh Bachchan in BhoothnathBhoothnath is a well said story. It is a simple, light hearted script which will make you smile, laugh and cry sometimes. To establish a successful relationship between a spirit and a human being in the very first attempt requires a clear vision and debutante director Vivek Sharma has showed his brilliancy in dealing such a critical subject. To deal with such fiction requires high creative thinking and Vivek stand on this font. He had easily handled not so bold but complicated subject. Bhoothnath wins as it focused mainly on the theme and left aside the style quotient.

Bhoothnath able to reach every soul because of the right star cast. The stars were not wasted and everybody was given equal space to perform. Shahrukh was seen in a guest appearance. Vivek showed his brilliancy in handling two different personalities, one is highly experienced actor like and the other is totally naïve, the child artiste Aman Siddique. Since it deals with 6 years old kid and 60 years old man, the film aims to all the age groups. Bhoothnath depicts beautifully the innocence of children and that they are carefree of the feelings like fear, hatred and pain. The expression of Amitabh as a ghost is not bad.

Bhoothnath is a story of a 6 years old kid Banku (Aman Siddhique) and 60 years old spirit Kailash Nath who turned Bhoothnath after death. Banku with his family Shahrukh and come to live in a haunted mansion in Goa. Soon the Bhoothnath started to trouble them and in all possible ways he tried to scare Banku so that they leave his house but Banku not at all frightened with his behavior and gradually he developed a special relationship with him. Banku found in Bhoothnath a helpful and noble friend and soon developed a strong bond between them.  Bhoothnath helped Banku in every step. Life of Banku and Bhoothnath was running smoothly when one day, Kailash Nath’s son (Priyanshu) decided to sell the house.

The portions in the classroom/school, the interaction with the school principal (Satish Shah), the games played by kids with only motive to win takes one back to the schooldays. Rajpal Yadav is as usual brilliant. Satish Shah played his part well. Made on Rs 250 million budgets, every aspect of the film is beautifully picturised but the film lacks in the music department. The responsibility to input music in the film has been given to the director duo Vishal Shekhar but they created another awful album after Tashan. Cinematography is good.

Speaking about the acting,
is always topnotch and here also he showed his acting caliber. His chemistry with the kid is fabulous. Amar Siddhique is a child and does not have any previous acting experience but the way he portrayed Banku's character, he will push behind any experienced actor. He acted like an inborn actor. He handled every scene with ease and acted flawlessly. Shahrukh is as usual brilliant, mesmerized everyone in his 20-25 minutes show. as Banku’s mother performed brilliantly. 

Bhoothnath will have a long lasting impression on your mind. It will take you to the world of fantasy and at the same time holds your feet on the ground. It will entertain you to the fullest. Makes you feel relax. It gives the adults a scope to peep into the heart of the young and think according to their viewpoint.