Bhoot Unkle

Bhoot Unkle is an attempt at entertainment for kids. A kiddie’s flick this one tries to incorporate a bit of the hit children’s film Makdee as well as bits and pieces from various Hollywood films. Alas the end result is just a mishmash of various sequences thrown in together. Bhoot Unkle is supposed to be a horror adventurous film with a bit of magic and a bit of animation thrown in for good measure. It revolves around the plight of a young boy who happens to meet with a friendly ghost who has been trapped for years due to his own evil acts. The friendly ghost decides to help the boy who in turn helps him too. Unfortunately the script is average but it is the screenplay and execution of the material that is substandard and lacks finesse. The film turns out be a potboiler of various haphazard sequences which neither entertains nor manages to capture the young audience’s attention.

The film has been produced by Aneesh Arjun and Krishan Chowdhury and directed by Mukesh Sehgul. Jackie Shroff plays the role of the friendly ghost and Dev Kantawala enacts the role of the boy who helps the friendly ghost, Shyam. The music has been done by Baba Sehgal.

Shyam is a nice young lad with only a few friends like Tingu (KK), Shunti (Mandaar) and Geeta (Sheena) for company. He lives with his aunt and uncle in a small village. Unfortunately he is constantly subjected to his aunt’s cruel taunts and acts. To make matters worse Shyam is constantly at loggerheads with the local MLA’s son SK (Jay Kanani). One day Shyam stumbles into a desolated haunted Light House after getting away from the cruel MLA’s goons. Here Shyam chances upon an idol of Lord Shiva and thus also meets the friendly old ghost who has been trapped here for the last hundred years ever since he attempted to steal the holy Lord Shiva idol.

It turns out that the ghost was a pirate, who is now paying for stealing the idol, but the friendly ghost decides to help poor Shyam and in turn Shyam too decides to help the friendly ghost. Shyam also has to save the idol from the clutches of the evil MLA and restore it to its original place at the temple.

Unfortunately the script of Bhoot Unkle lacks the punch and drive to keep children entertained as it is filled with predictable twists and turns. There is nothing novel in the experience neither do any of the characters manage to infuse much life into the insipid film. Another aspect that further takes the film lower is the screenplay and the execution of the film. The screenplay by Rajiv and Veeru does not manage to sustain the interest of the viewer at all, there is a lack of thrilling moments in the film, the adventure quotient is extremely low and even the animation which is just for a few minutes is not first rate.

There are just a handful of interesting moments in the first half which manage to entertain but then again the track of the film is diverted and it goes haywire in the second half. The climax is average. The cinematography by Vignesh Rao is not at all up to the mark especially since kids take a lot of delight in the visual effects, this was a sore downer. Director Mukesh is saddled with a poor script and his execution too is dowdy. The song by Baba Sehgal too is another sore point and does nothing for the film.

Jackie Shroff looks old and haggard in the film, even his styling though of a pirate leaves a lot to be desired. As for his performance nothing really stands out and he does not manage to create that affinity as the friendly lovable ghost amongst kids. Dev does manage to deliver a likeable performance, the other kids are fairly average and as for the other characters they don’t really make too much of an impression.

Bhoot Unkle lacks an interesting script, has a substandard screenplay and the performances are just okay. With so many other animation and superhero films in cinemas, Bhoot Unkle will not have much of a response at the box-office. A total disappointment for kids.

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