Befikre’ is touted to be a modern-day romantic drama starring Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in the lead roles. It has been directed by Aditya Chopra.

The movie opens with a heated argument between Dharam Gulati (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra Gill. In the heat of the moment, Dharam insults Shyra and calls her a ‘slut’. She is hurt and furious and walks out on him and goes back to her parents’ home. A flashback reveals how the two met and the events that lead to the present-day situation.

Dharam is a carefree stand-up comedian from Delhi’s Karol Bagh who has come to Paris to work at his friend’s club Delhi Belly. On his outing in Paris seeking a date, he bumps into French-born Indian girl Shyra at a party, who is equally carefree and spirited like him. She agrees to be his date for the night, but only if he does the thing she dares him to do. He wins and their first kiss happens followed by a wild night under the sheets. But Shyra is in no mood for a serious relationship as she has just broken-up with someone else. Dharam is also fine with a no-strings-attached relationship, so they continue their uninhibited, kinky romance with Shyra coming up with new dares every time. They start feeling like they are inseparable and decide to move in together, but avoid saying ‘sentimental’ things like I love you, which spoils the ‘fun’. But once they start living-in together, they find themselves incompatible with each other, always abusing, arguing and fighting until things turn so ugly that they part ways.

Back in the present day, Shyra has matured in her outlook, but Dharam continues to be his playboy sort, dating native women. They ex-lovers come across each other again and decide to be just friends, and start hanging out again. In the meantime, a smart investment banker Aney (Arrmaan Ralhan) enters Shyra’s life and Dharam is also seeing a French girl Christine (Julie Ordon), but not seriously. Soon, Aney proposes marriage to Shyra and she agrees. But when Shyra starts spending more time with Aney, Dharam becomes uncomfortable. He has unconsciously fallen in love with Shyra. Does he realise his feelings and gets back with Shyra, or she moves on with Aney, forms the rest of the plot.

‘Befikre’ is like old wine served in a new bottle. The love story, though fun, offers nothing new. The storyline lacks novelty and is clichéd and illogical at times. There are throwbacks to Aditya Chopra’s debut directorial ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’, like the ‘palat’ scene with a twist and the mother-daughter conversation at the kitchen counter. But what works for the film is good execution, chemistry between the lead actors and their performance. There are a few interesting dialogues as well, but the best thing about the film is its visual appeal and the extremely scenic locales of Paris, thanks to the cinematographer. The first half of the film is breezy with the fun, casual interaction between the leads, while the plot thickens post intermission.

As for the performances, Ranveer, who has played similar roles at the beginning of his character, comfortably slips into his character. He not just shows off his hot body and bare butts, but also his versatility as an actor. For Vaani, it is her second film and her first as lead and she has displayed her kissing skills very well.

‘Befiker’ is actually befikre, not serious but is fun, enjoyable and entertaining to watch. And the music adds to the enjoyment.