Barah Aana

Barah Aana is devoid of glitz and glamour but it still lures the mass due to its simple plotline. Devoid of song and dance, the film catches the attention due its straightforward narrative and for that credits goes to director Raja Menon for his simple way of telling a comic thriller. The audiences will have fun on watching the flick and at the same time excites them to go the extra mile and see the conclusion. Set in the backdrop of Mumbai slum area, Barah Aana is very catchy and engrossing.

The film delivers what it promises. Made in a low budget, Barah Aana will appeal the multiplexes audience too. The audience will have a good three hours laugh and will have a complete paisa wasool. The first part is devoted to the professions of the three prime characters and the second half speaks about the main plot.

The story revolves around three unlikely friends, a chauffeur, Shuklaji [Naseeruddin Shah], a watchman, Yadav [Vijay Raaz] and a waiter Aman [Arjun Mathur]. The three of them was shown struggling for their existence, unhappily stick to their profession and slowly becomes a part of flaw ways of making money. The unfair means of making money was first discovered by watchman Yadav and when he found the money coming without any effort and risk, he ropes in chauffeur, Shuklaji and the waiter Aman too.
But their moment of happiness was short-lived; soon they find themselves trapped in a serious crime and how they tackle with the situation form the rest of the story. 

Director Raja Menon is incredible. He has handled a number of sequences flawlessly. Cinematography by Priya Seth is perfect.
Naseeruddin Shah is a fantastic actor. Though he opens his mouth at the end, his silence created a great impact. Vijay Raaz is simply superb. Arjun Mathur, who was seen in 'Luck By Chance' is a competent actor and has the capability to make things bigger. Violante Placido as Kate and Tannishtha Chatterjee as Rani are top-notch.
On the whole, 'Barah Aana' is a fairly captivating film that will good a favorable business at the box office.

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