Bachna Ae Haseeno

Yashraj Calendar is full of youth feeling. The maker peeps into the life-style of the young generation and depicts real life in reel. When any youth watch the movie, they can relate the incident with them or with any of their Casanova friend. The film is about flirting girls, falling in love and repenting about the past. The style quotient, exotic locales and mind-blowing sequences are the USP of the film. After the debacle of Tashan and Tara Rum Pum, Yashraj has again been able to firm their shaky boat. Director Siddharth Raj Anand has picked up some points from his very own Salaam Namastey and the film also resemblances Yashraj flick Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

The film is about Raj () and his three girlfriends Mahi (), Radhika (Bipasha Basu) and Gayatri (). Three different girls come into Raj’s life in three different stages of his life. Though Minissha, Bipasha and Deepika made their presence felt in limited sequences, ruled throughout. The script has given Ranbir ample scope to express. The film surrounds much hype and to a large extend, it has been able to satisfy the craving of the cine-goers.

It is a story of Raj who meets different girl in different stages of his life. At 18, he came in contact with Mahi () who is a happy go lucky type of gal. Since she too is in her teenage, everything seems romantic to her. She and Raj fall for each other but ultimately it is Raj who gets out of the relationship. There comes another stage in Raj’s life where he gives his heart to sexy and outgoing girl Radhika (Bipasha Basu). But here again Raj played with the emotions of Gayatri and get out of the relationship when he finds it is enough.

Life teaches a new lesson to Raj when he landed in Australia and happen to meet cabdriver Gayatri (). This time in real sense he has fallen in love with Gayatri. But the girl is reluctant to accept his proposal. When Gayatri rejected his proposal, past flashed across Raj’s mind and he realizes his mistake of ditching Mahi and Radhika. To seek forgive from his past girlfriends, Raj goes to them and on reaching there he encountered new problems.

Mahi got married and blessed with two kids but not happy with his married life. She was unable to adjust with her husband (Kunal Kapoor) and suffering in a hell. Raj has to face the heat of Radhika also. She is averse to forgive him. But life finally took a new turn when Gayatri accepted his proposal and agreed to marry him.

The story of is very simple and quite predictable. Right from direction to cinematography, everything is praise-worthy.  Director Sidharth Raj Anand has taken equal care in every department and given equivalent scope to enact.

Speaking about the performances, showed quite maturity right in his second flick. He is in the making of a great actor. has showed that she has a long way to go. She portrayed the emotional scene in the second half with outmost sincerity. Bipasha Basu looked quite sexy and performed exceptionally well. got little space to enact but left a long lasting impression. She looked glamorous. Amongst the three, Bipasha stands tall.

In a nutshell, delves into the life-style and mentality of a new generation. It will basically appeal to the youth. The movie will do a promising business in multiplexes and in cities. Not a single moment is boring; it is entertaining throughout and one need not have to find reasons to stick to their seat.