B. A. Pass

‘B A Pass’ is a Hindi movie, which is produced and directed by Ajay Bahl. The movie has Shadab Kamal, Shilpa Shukla, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Geeta Aggarwal Sharma and Rajesh Sharma in the lead roles. The movie was released on 2nd August and is distributed by VIP Films.  The movie is based on the book by Mohan Sikka ‘The Railway Aunty’.

The story is set on the backdrop of Paharganj area of Delhi. The director of the movie has been quite successful in bringing word by word portrayal of the book to its live characters. The movie brings the same emotions as one would imagine while reading Mohan’s book. The cinematic translation of the novel is wonderful. All the characters have justified their roles brilliantly.

Mukesh (Shadab Kamal) is a teenage boy who loses his parents in a tragic accident. The film begins from a funeral scene. Mukesh is survived with his two sisters who are forced to go to an orphanage. Mukesh goes to stay with his unwelcoming relatives in officers’ railway colony in Paharganj. Sarika Khanna (Shilpa Shukla) is the wife of a senior Railway officer and is dissatisfied with her husband. She sees Mukesh and calls her home. She then allures him into love making. Well, this is not the point where the surprise element of the movie bursts out, there is much more to it. What follows is a series of love making tutorials and Mukesh gets drawn to it.  Then Sarika offers him a number of lady clients who are ready for a love making episode for few bucks. Mukesh finds this as an easy way to earn his living.

Shilpa Shukla is brilliant, raw and bold. She does uncomfortable scenes with super ease. She seems natural and if you go back to the book, you would not be able to portray any other actor for Sarika’s role other than Shilpa. Such is her impact. Shadab is also superb. He brings life to his character.  Well, the title of the movie is the name of the hopeless course that Mukesh got stuck into. This course is supposedly for people who either do not get admission to any honors course or those who do not have any academic inclination.  Rajesh Sharma is indisputable in the little role that he gets to do.

The movie has elements of surprise and has genuine peril. It is a must watch over the weekend.
ba pass