Ankur Arora Murder Case

Ankur Arora murder case is a medical thriller with a first class storyline and a great buildup. Unfortunately, the screenplay and the script could not hold up to the promise delivered by the plot. The result is a movie which could have been superb, but fails to deliver.

Based on a real life incidence, Ankur Arora murder case portrays one of the most important issues in Indian society today. As we continue to worship our doctors and shower them with accolades, not everyone in the medical profession is responsible or compassionate. The result is a tragic and compleely avoidable death of a child. This is the central story of Ankur Arora murder case.

Ankur Arora, a young boy of a single mother is diagnosed with stomach pain. Renowned surgeon Dr. Asthana, played beautifully by Kay Kay Menon is responsible for his health, but his greed and negligence leads to the death of the boy. Romesh is an intern working under the surgeon. He discovers what has happened and has an epiphany of sorts where he decides to force Dr. Asthana to answer for his actions in court.

The storyline sounds exciting, but director Suhail Tatari has failed to do justice to it. The intrigue and suspense that builds up in the beginning is quickly replaced by scenes and dialogues that have nothing new to recommend them. The finale is unimpressive while the courtroom brawl has too much the flavor of typical Bollywood rather than a flavor of the real life. There are several rather glaring errors in the screenplay. Telling details like those relating to the investigation team lead by Romesh or the operating team are never brought into view. The screenplay also fails to convey a plausible reason for the crusading zeal of Romesh and why exactly is he ready to put his career at stake to challenge his superiors. Similarly, the lawyer representing Ankur is played by Paoli Dam. She had an abortion, regretted it ever since and has turned to fight for justice. All these along with little attention to the technical aspect of the medical drama have made the film rather mediocre.

Though the music is unimpressive, the editing poor and the screenplay needlessly confusing, actors have delivered great performances. Kay Kay Menon as the God like surgeon, Tisca Chopra as the grieving yet fighting mother and Arjun Mathur as Romesh are especially good. Paoli Dam as lawyer and Vishakha Singh as Romesh’s girlfriend could have delivered better performances.
ankur arora murder case