Always Kabhi Kabhi

Alwaya Kabhi Kabhi’ is a debut venture by Rohan Abbas produced by Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment.  It is a story about youngsters and their present situation.  The story is set in a hi-fi convent campus with girls wearing short skirts above knees and hair swaying in the air where love chapter is the main chapter in the syllabus, funky talks, and favorite pass time in canteen.

Every year one film definitely been made on the teens. Years back, love stories based on college students was highly watchable and it also brings a good return to the box office but now time has changed unless and until, you not include an unsual and interesting track in the script, the film might go without notice.  Let’s see what debutante director Roshan Abbas has offered.

The story encircles around the lives of four adolescents studying in the same college. Sameer aka Sam, Aishwarya aka Aishu/Aish, Taariq aka Einsten, Nandini aka Nandu the Bull. They are all final year students of St.Marks. Romeo Sameer (Ali Fazal)’s theory of life is very simple, live life to the fullest and always adopt shortcuts. Sam’s ladylove is Aishwarya (Giselle Monterio) is a beautiful lass, she is silent and her life is governed by her mother (Navneet Nishan).  She walks, sit and talks as instructed by her mom. Sam’s best friend is Taariq (Satyajeet Dubey) who is a brilliant student but lives under the pressure of his father. He carries a dream to get admission in a reputed college. Comes last but not the least is fireband  Nandini (), she is a tough, tomboyish, lives life according to her own rules, it seems she is the boss of the college. She is tough outside but soft inside, she craves for love as her parents are working.

Roshan Abbas’s directional debut came as a big flop. Actually, what the film tries to say could not be understood. The movie does not send any message. It goes on and on without any ending. Till the last, no one understands what actually the film tries to tell, it is like wasting three hours. The screenplay is also too poor and overloads of music makes it tiring. Basically, the film focuses on the parents children relationship but it was not framed convincingly.

The film basically wants to tell the parents what is going through in the mind of children of today’s generation. The motive of the story was noble but it failed in the execution.

Speaking about performances, Giselle Monterio who debuted with ‘Love Aaj Kal’ has got ample space to prove herself but she failed to show her acting skill. She was awkward at many places.  Satyajeet Dubey was natural and convincing. was very spontaneous and has all the qualities to make big in Bollywood. Above all, who steals the show is Ali Fazal. He is superb and outstanding. Lillette Dubey, Navneet Nishan, Manoj Joshi, Mukesh Tiwari and Satish Shah are just fine.

In the nutshell, ‘’ fails to leave mark in the audience basically youngsters mind.