For the promotion of ‘Alone’, actors and producers left absolutely no stone unturned. They toured the nation, many events were organized and the stars made public appearances as often as they could. All this, and a lot more were in vain as ‘Alone’ failed to impress. ‘Alone’ released on the 16th of January and was eagerly awaited by Karan Singh Grover’s female fans. The enthusiasm that was felt during the promotional events soon dissipated and only mild interest in the movie remained. The first day collections suggest nothing remarkable.


Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover play the lead roles. In supporting roles actors such as Zakir Hussain and Saikia were cast.


‘Alone’ tells the tale of two conjoined sisters Anjana and Sanjana (both played by Bipasha), who live blissfully together. Enter Kabir (Karan’s character), charming and suave, and both sisters fall head over heels in love. The blissful lives of the sisters turn gory when Kabir reciprocates only one woman’s feelings. The jealousy of the other sister, followed by a tragic death makes up the rest of ‘Alone’. This horror flick is the remake of the 2007 Thai movie of the same name, which was remade and released in Kannada and Tamil languages as ‘Chaarulatha’. ‘Chaarulatha’ was released in 2012.


Unfortunately for ‘Alone’ the striking locales that it was shot in are being considered it’s only pro. A few scenes manage to spook the audiences, but the credit for them goes to the editor Devendra Murdeshwar and cinematographer Prakash Kutty.


The long list of cons is likely to weigh down this movie’s performance at the box office. The actors barely do justice to their roles. Bipasha seems burdened with the responsibility of playing two juxtaposed roles. She performs well only in the couple’s intimate scenes. The same can be said about Karan Singh Grover, who fails to deliver substantial emotions and dialogues. The only scenes where he stands out are when he is shirtless. The tried and tested, and somewhat stale concoction of sex scenes and a haunting in ‘Alone’ is superbly bland. Director Bhushan Patel puts to use the same techniques that were used in ‘Ragini MMS 2’ and they fail miserably.


Lack of a strong and original storyline, lack of sincerity and emotions in the performances and lack of eeriness ensure a lacking performance at the box office for ‘Alone’. Through ‘Alone’ nothing new and nothing special has been offered to audiences.