Alag means ‘different’ and that is what first time producer Subi Samuel who is a renowned bollywood photographer has attempted with his first film. The film deals with a superhero, but this superhero is different. He has superhuman powers, but does not look like a superhero, with a mask and superhero gear, nor does he go around saving the lives of people. Nonetheless it is a novel concept, at least in bollywood which deals more with the actual plight and acceptability quotient of this superhero. Movies with a story line that are different from the usual drama have been receiving a good response, since the rise of multiplexes. Unfortunately, even though novelty is being accepted by certain segments, a concept has to be plausible and also believable to an extent to gain acceptance.

Alag has been directed by Ashu Trikha and stars fresher Akshay Kapoor and Dia Mirza. The film deals with a superhero, Tejas (Akshay) who has the superhuman power of being electrically charged but because of these powers, he is ostracized by society. The film deals with the plight faced by this different man and his journey into society. The music for the film has been done by Aadesh Srivastava and the story has been written by Tagore Almeda.

On a rainy night, Hemant Rastogi (Yateen Karyekar) suffers a cardiac arrest and dies. The police turn up at his huge home, to investigate his death. The house has a mysterious and eerie feel to it. On investigating with neighbours, the police are told that Rastogi lived with someone else, but no one seems to have ever seen or heard this other person. On searching the mansion the investigating officer (Sharath Saxena) finds a young boy, Tejas who has been living in the basement for the last eighteen years. He further discovers that Tejas is Rastogi’s son, but no one can fathom why a father would hide away his son in the basement for so many years.

Tejas is different, he looks different, he is bald, he has no eyebrows and does not have even a single strand of hair on his body. His eyes cannot tolerate any sunlight. The lad is special and also has special powers, but the world only sees him as ‘queer’. The boy is taken to a delinquent institution, run by psychologist Purva (Dia) and her father (Jayant Kripalani). They realize that he is different and that he has some special powers. Now Tejas, who has been shielded from the world for eighteen years, has to deal with other people. He is often ridiculed by the boys at the institution. How does Tejas deal with other human beings, will society except this different man?

Meanwhile there are other parallel tracks, like the love story that blossoms between Tejas and Purva, then there is the element of suspense when the bad guy enters in the form of the eccentric scientist (Tom Alter) who will go to any extent to find out the capabilities of the human mind. Finally the superhero comes to the rescue with his superhuman powers.

Alag is no doubt different, but perhaps Ashu Trikha’s screenplay could have been induced with more realism and a more believable plot. Even the super powers that the protagonist is gifted with will in all probability not go down well with audiences. The super powers bestowed on the lead and many situations in the film seem illogical and also Ashu Trikha’s screenplay has done nothing to make the situation seem more plausible. The parallel tracks of the love story and the evil scientist takes the film further down and are added only to give the film commercial value. The dream songs that the lead imagines himself in seem highly implausible. The music of the film is not memorable at all. The director has not concentrated on exploring the basic premise of his story well, but has incorporated various other distractions that lead away from the main issue.

However there are some interesting and good moments, like the sequences which depict the plight of a man who is different and feels unwanted amongst other people in society. The part where the lead is harassed by some of the boys at the institution and even his emotional reaction to a callous act of shooting a pigeon has been done well. The track of Tejas and his plight in his new found world makes one empathize with the character. Even the climax is interesting enough. Also the special effects in the film have been done quite well. Cinematography is average.

Akshay Kapoor as Tejas has done a very good job. He makes the audience feel his alienation and confusion in the film. He has managed to play the role with extreme confidence and capability. Dia Mirza has given an average performance and the rest of the cast is fair.

Unfortunately Alag may find very few takers, firstly due to the very very different concept, second the hero is not the usual run of the mill good looking stuntman and finally the storyline of the movie too is not captivating enough. At multiplexes there may be some takers who want to try something different, but at the metros the film will not find many takers. At the box-office, the film in all probability will do below average.

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