Aggar is one of those infidelity triangles that have plenty of provocative scenes which were the flavour of the season at one point of time but has now died down. Unfortunately though the script seems like a rehashed version of director Anant Mahadevan’s last script Aksar and the screenplay too is filled with illogical twists and turns. Aggar is a disappointing psychological thriller with an absolutely bland and silly script. The performances too are not convincing and hence the film is a complete disappointment.

Aggar is a thriller that has been directed by Anant Mahadevan and stars Tusshar Kapoor, Shreyas Talpade, Udita Goswami etc. The music for the film has been composed by Mithoon.

Aggar revolves around a love triangle. Janvi (Udita) has a successful career and a fulfilling marriage with psychiatrist Dr. Aditya Merchant (Shreyas) till one day mistrust creeps into their relationship. Janvi begins to feel that her husband is having an affair with another woman and this is what makes her look for love and fulfillment in another man’s arms. Janvi begins to have an affair with a colleague Aryan (Tusshar) from office. Aryan’s other side also involves a man who has just been released from prison for killing his girlfriend. Ironically Janvi’s husband Dr. Aditya is the one treating Aryan for a mental disorder.

Eventually Janvi realizes that her husband is truly devoted to her and is not having an affair, this is when she decides to break off her affair with Aryan. But Aryan won’t let go, he stalks, terrorizes and is obsessed with Janvi.

Aggar has a wafer thin script with not much apart from the obsession angle to it. In fact there is very little that can be called the story of the film. The twists and turns that fill the screenplay fit in with the thriller aspect of the film but unfortunately they belie logic and rationality. Several scenes make little or no sense like the one where Sophie Choudhary dies, how she actually dies remains a mystery. The director has left too many scenes open ended without tying all the lose ends together. The pace though is brisk and the film has been edited well which makes it just about two hours long. The climax of the film too is staid and does not do anything much for the film. Anant Mahadevan’s execution is a big disappointment as it seems to be fraught with inconsistencies.

The dialogues of the film are often corny and amateur; the music of the film is repetitive from music composer Mithoon’s last film Train. But there are a few decent sounding numbers in the film. Cinematography is average. As for the performances they seem weak and inefficient. Udita Goswami looks fine and pouts and preens but her acting skills definitely need to be worked upon further, her performance is inconsistent as well as inefficient. Actor Shreyas Talpade who has been touted as a worthwhile actor comes out scathed quite a bit, his role in the film is confusing and hence he is totally at unease playing the character. As for Tusshar Kapoor, playing the psycho bad guy is difficult, firstly his mannerisms and body language are not up to the mark for his character and even his performance is inadequate.

Aggar does not have much of a script, a disheartening screenplay and incompetent performances. At the box-office it has not had much promotion; nor does it have much of star power. Overall the film is a big disappointment as well as disaster.