Acid Factory

is a typical Sanjay Gupta film. The film is an adaptation of Hollywood thriller, ‘Unknown’ consisting of thrilling elements like action, thrill, fear but lack of absorbing elements. To some extent, it will able to hold your attention but suddenly you will feel like getting up from your seat. The grip becomes weak. It is very confusing and you need to be very attentive throughout. The moment you divert your attention, you lost the path and will find hard to tie the loose ends. 

The climax is not so exciting and impactful. Though it has a bunch of stars like
, , Manoj Bajpayee, , , the film fail to pierce through the heart of the audience. Exotic location, camera movement, stunts are the appealing sides of the film. Script is stale and seems very ordinary. The film has been handled very efficiently by director Suparn Verma. In style, the film can be rated high. Every actor has been given distinctive looks.   

It is a story about five guys Fardeen, Manoj Bajpai, Aftab, Dino, Danny trapped in a warehouse. They were shown in an unconscious condition but when woke up, they were not able to recognize who they were. They all lost their memory due to flowing of acid inside the warehouse. One phone call leaves them in a stunned position. It was a call from a mafia kingpin (Irrfan Khan) who tells them that they were kidnappers and among them were one hostage.

They immediately started to scratch their documents to find their real identity. They desperately search for their identity before the goon arrives. Meanwhile, police chases the gangster Irrfan Khan and
playing Neha searching for her husband.

is a story of kidnap with little deviation. There has been lots of twists and turn in the story and it seems very stressful at times. In spite of enjoying the film, you will find it very traumatic.

Speaking about performances, every actor portrayed their part well. They showed their prowess in acting. No complain from the acting department. Cinematography, sound design and Tinu Verma's stunts are top-notch. Music was not so captivating.

On the whole,
will appeal only a handful of audience. It is not for the masses. Box office collection may not be too promising.