‘Aazaan’ by Prashant Chadha is a hard-hitting action packed movie of international standards.  It is a big budget film and was very much awaited due to high dose of action. Action lovers will surely love the movie but overall, the movie fails to impress.

Another attraction of the film was Candice Boucher. The film is about an intelligent agent who was assigned the task of unmasking those who is planning to destroy the country through a virus.

Aazaan Khan (Sachiin Joshi) is an Indian army officer but an Afghan by origin. He is trained at the NDA and is working as a secret agent for RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). He was assigned with the task of saving his country from threat of lethal virus attack. Simultaneously, he is also on a mission to find his missing brother, who is now involved in terrorists' biological warfare. The story deals as how Aazaan saves the country and his brother from the deadly mission of the terrorist.

Aazaan is an interesting plot and Prashant Chaddha’s narration was gripping. It is a high class action drama shot in various countries of the world. Sachiin Joshi's high class performance, Salim-Suleman's music, Axel Fischer's stunning camera work and Shubra Swaroop's screenplay are praiseworthy.

Speaking about performances, Sachiin Joshi has done a wonderful job, his body language and expression are top-rate. Candice was a treat for the eyes. Other star casts Sarita Choudhary, Dalip Tahil and Ravi Kissen are ok. The film explores various countries, the camera moves from Morocco to Germany to Hong Kong and Poland.

Overall, Prashant Chadha has made an action film of international standard. It will be regarded as number one Indian action thriller but due to weak script, the film fails to impress. The film has less thrilling moments and more dull moments.

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